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instagram model genie axum, Who is accused of stabbing her boyfriend in Manhattan with a kitchen knife after he beat his cousin with a bottle of wine two years ago in a fight over finances in Alabama, the Post has learned.

The 22-year-old allegedly assaulted his cousin, 23-year-old Jenna Marlowe, when they lived together in an apartment in Phoenix City back in 2018, a man with knowledge of the attack, who asked not to be named.


According to photos obtained by the Post, Marlowe suffered a blow to his face, a cut in his arm and a fake nail burst during the fight.

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Fenix ​​Police confirmed that they had been called to investigate the October 21 incident between Axum and Marlowe, but the case was dropped after Cousins ​​refused to press charges.

According to the source, the alleged fight broke out over an argument about Axum’s bills.

The source added that Axum “ran into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of wine from the kitchen counter,” which she allegedly used to hit her cousin on the head, causing her to fall to the floor.

She reportedly yelled at her cousin “I’m going to kill you. I’m going to tear your face. You’re never going to be nothing. You’re never going to be anything in life.”

After Axum left the apartment, the neighbors started calling the police.

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The source said doctors then had to completely remove Marlow’s blood-soaked nail.

Exam moved to California after the alleged attack, but returned to Alabama shortly thereafter, relatives said.

They claim that Axum, who grew up in Alabama, started becoming famous only after launching her OnlyFans account, when she suddenly relocated to Miami.

This is where she started posting pictures of herself and other girls partying on social media.

“Ever since she became famous, she doesn’t talk to people here,” said a relative from Alabama.

Relatives said Axum had moved into her current shiny apartment in the high-rise of Hudson Yards about six months ago.

It was not immediately clear when she moved to the Big Apple.

Officials said the apartment is where Axum is accused of stabbing her boyfriend, known as Babyboy Pajulas, in the back and arm during a fight on Monday evening.

Axum – who describes herself on OnlyFans as “a loud-mouthed and dirty mind-free spirit from Alabama” – was arrested by police after being called to an apartment building when her bleeding boyfriend was in the lobby. I had gone down.

She was released on bail Tuesday in Manhattan on a second-degree assault charge, but was slapped with a full order of protection that required her to be away from her boyfriend.

Exum did not return a request for comment from the post.

Soon after he was released, Axum began plugging his OnlyFans account and shared a video on Instagram of himself smiling and playing with a necklace during interrogation at a police station.

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