Inter Milan 1-2 Juventus: Player’s rating as Ronaldo Brace inspires Bianconeri’s return Copa Italia 2020-21

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    Juventus trailed 1-0 to clinch a stunning 2–1 win over Inter Milan in the first leg of their Coppa Italia semi-finals on Tuesday night.

    Last week, Juventus advanced to the quarter-finals, thanks to goals from Alvaro Morata and Federico Chiassa, with a 4–0 win over Serie B side SPAL.

    On the other hand, Inter Milan, who have improved their quarter-final run of the previous season, aim to lift the coveted trophy for the first time since 2011; They struggled to a 2–1 win over AC Milan in the quarter-finals last week.

    The semi-final against Juventus was on a flyer in the ninth minute when Argentine-born striker Lutaro Martínez gave the hosts an edge at a low cross from outside home Niccolो Barella.

    However, Juventus fought back and soon Cuadrado was fined after Ashley Young’s dishonesty. Cristiano Ronaldo went ahead and dribbled a powerful shot into the middle of Sameer Handanovic that kept the audience level.

    Juventus bounced back in the half before the goal when Ronaldo made a defensive mistake to score his 22nd goal in the 23rd game this season.

    Inter Milan came close to an equalizer on several occasions, but Juventus worked strongly to take the lead ahead of the all-important second leg.

    Andrea Pirlo’s men now have a leg in the Coppa Italia final after losing to Napoli in the title match last season.

    On that note, let’s take a look at the player ratings of both teams.

    Inter Milan Player Rating

    Sameer Handanovic 5/10

    A fatal error from an Inter Milan shot-stopper gave Ronaldo his second gift of the night. Sameer Handanovic, however, made a few stops in the second half to keep his side in the game.

    Stephen D Braj 6/10

    It was a shocking debut performance, with Stephen de Verz coordinating with Alessandro Bastoni. However, he made a better outing in the second half, preventing Juventus from gaining their lead.

    Alessandro Bastoni 5.5 / 10

    Alessandro Bastoni put on a solid performance in favor of Antonio Conte; However, he failed to follow his marker, costing Inter Milan another goal.

    Milan screener 6/10

    In an all-out outing, the Inter Milan man made some dangerous passes on the backline. However, Milan Skirinar won all their ground and aerial doubles.

    Mathemo Dermian 5.5 / 10

    Mateo Daramian struggled to handle Cristiano Ronaldo and Federico Bernardeschi on the right flank and threatened little or no attack to defend Juventus.

    The former Manchester United full-back also missed an opportunity that could level Inter Milan in the 69th minute.

    Niccolo Barella 6.5 / 10

    One of Inter Milan’s best performers, Niccol ब Barella, assisted calmly to open the scoring for Lutero Martinez. However, he joked fiercely as the game progressed.

    Marcelo Brozovic 5/10

    The Croatian were involved in defensive miscommunication that led to Ronaldo scoring the second goal for Juventus. Marcelo Brozovic failed to make a positive impact in the game.

    Arturo Vidal 6/10

    In the rock-solid display, the hardworking midfielder provided the right defensive cover in the midfield, allowing the likes of Brozovic and Barella to move freely.

    However, Arturo Vidal picked up a yellow card to deal with a careless slipping on Ronaldo in the 38th minute.

    Ashley Young 5.5 / 10

    Ashley Young gave Juventus a way back in the game after pulling back Colombian international Juan Cuadrado, who tried to go to the whipped cross in the Inter Milan box.

    Young provided support for his fronters in the second half but was unable to capitalize on himself before being replaced by Ivan Perisic in the 66th minute.

    Lutaro Martinez 7/10

    Lutaro Martinez scored Inter Milan’s only goal in nine minutes of the night in the game and remained their most dangerous player in the entire match. Argentina connected well with Niccolo Barella and Alexis Sánchez as his side pushed for an equalizer.

    Alexis Sanchez 6/10

    The former Manchester United held the ball perfectly to keep Barrell, who found Martinez for the Inter Milan opener. He The closest came for Inter Milan to grab the draw, but his well-timed effort was cleared from the line by Merriah Demirel of Juventus.

    Player rating of inter match option

    Ivan Perisic 5.5 / 10

    Ivan Perisic, who came on for Ashley Young in the 66th minute, injected life into the Inter Milan attack. He Juventus mounted pressure on the left side of the defense but failed to pose a significant threat to Andis Pirlo’s men.

    Christian Erikson 5.5 / 10

    Christian Eriksen saw his shot from the edge of the box saved by Jianluigi Buffon. The Dane provided an attacking option for Inter Milan but failed to break Juventus’ water-tight defensive line.

    Stefano Sensi 4/10

    Italian Stephano Sensei came on for Marcello Brozovic for the final five minutes of the game, but failed to make an impact for the hosts.

    Andrea Pinamonti 4/10

    Andrea Pinamonti failed to make a contribution after coming in the 85th minute for central defender Alessandro Bastoni.


    Published 03 February 2021 08:29 AM IST

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