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An Iowa teacher detailed how she bans her state’s critical race theory by tempting her students to ask questions about issues she said she was not allowed to teach.

Petra Lang, who said she is “a secondary teacher at a predominantly white high school in a suburban district”, while being an adjunct professor at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa, spoke publicly about how she got around the ban. manages, daily Mail.


Speaking recently during an online forum called “Unban Anti-Racism Education in Iowa,” Lang described how she would put state law in front of her students, saying, “We need to take a look at HF-802.” Is.”

Lang went on to describe how she would tell her students that they were not allowed to discuss certain issues, which then opened the door for her students to ask questions they were allowed to answer.

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IOWA Critical Race Theory docs advance program to teachers before state ban: ‘education not education’

Lang, who teaches a course called Gender and Race Culture, reportedly tells her students: “I need to tell you that according to the state of Iowa, there are now concepts that are illegal for me to teach you. “

“My courses are inquiry-based, which means that I do my best to put the students’ questions at the center of the curriculum and then work on answering those questions,” Lange also said, adding that she “really I had to work around HF-802.” Interesting ways.”

Simpson College did not respond to a request for comment at the time of publication.

HF-802, which was signed into law by Kim Reynolds, R-Iowa, outlawed CRT in the state effective July 1. Reynolds said, “It’s education, not education.”

In the same forum, a BLM activist called on teachers to use October 14, George Floyd’s birthday, as a “day of civil disobedience,” during which he encouraged teachers to teach CRT despite the state ban.