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Eight people have been reportedly arrested in Ireland following a violent graveyard dispute between two families who attended separate funerals.

In the Tum Cemetery incident in Galway in late September – in which five men and two women suffered non-fatal injuries – one of the victims was struck with a wooden cross that had been ripped from a grave. Irish Times Report.


The newspaper further stated that others involved in the brawl were stabbed.

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According to the Irish Times, more than two dozen Irish police officers responded to the scene and a male suspect was taken into custody while he attempted to escape while holding a knife.

Members of the Irish police, shown here, reacted to the incident.

The newspaper reported that the fight broke out as part of an ongoing dispute between two local families, who were already attending separate funerals at the cemetery.

Irish police told the newspaper that the latest arrests came during an operation on Monday, while those detained are between the ages of 20 and 50.