Is Amy Rosum of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ an opera singer?

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    Amy Rosum starred as Christine Daye the Phantom of the Opera, Which is possibly the most famous film about opera music. However, actors are not always attracted by their experiences while playing roles. This raises an interesting question: is Rosam really an opera singer?

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    Long, ironic history of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’

    First, a little background. Gaston Leroux’s novel, the Phantom of the Opera, Both are set in an opera house and weave opera music into their plot. Although singing is central to the book’s milestones, for many years, the most famous film version of the story was actually the 1925 silent film. In 1986, Andrew Lloyd Webber released a musical adaptation of his book, which is sung. In 2004, Rosam played the role of Christine, an opera singer, in the film version of Joel Schumacher’s music.

    Does Amy Rosum consider herself an opera singer?

    While opera is considered important to the story, choosing an opera singer as Christine would be an obvious choice. But is Rosum an opera singer or just an actor who played the role of an opera singer? At the time of the film’s release, Rosum stated BBC About her relationship to music.

    A trailer for the Phantom of the Opera

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    “I underwent classical training, but I don’t consider myself an opera singer, however, it’s a hybrid of pop and classical music,” she revealed. “I developed the character originally from my imagination. I went to the Garnier Opera House in Paris and I was standing on the terrace, where Christine was standing to sing ‘All I Ask Of You’, so I developed that kind of discerning memories. Then I went under the opera house and hung in the lair outside and there is actually a lake below and it is dark and foggy, so it is really creepy there. I went to the Musee d’Orsay and saw [Edgar] Bagasin’s painting of Degas to learn how to stand like them. “

    When Rosum was playing the role of an actor, she did not want her performance to be dramatic. “Because that was the most important thing to me,” she said. “When I talked to Joel about it, I said that an important thing for me was that he is a real center in all this theatricality.” Rosum insisted that Christine should relate to the audience. Also, Rosum said the Phantom of the Opera There is a character-driven story for her, even if she is blind.

    “all I Ask of You”

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    How the world reacted to the film version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s film The Phantom of the Opera

    So did it get in the way the Phantom of the Operafinancial success? According to Box office mojo, the Phantom of the Opera Grossed more than $ 154 million against a budget of $ 70 million. To date, it is perhaps the most famous sound film version of the story. Rosam joined the audience playing the role of an opera singer – even though he did not consider himself an opera singer.

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