Is Keir Starmer’s Labour making peace with voters about immigration?

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FOr a man who had such contempt for Brexit and stood for it, and has spent the last few years criticizing it, Keir Starmer’s conversion to one of its central tenets has a certain Damask quality. Is. Instead of viewing membership of the EU single market and the attendant freedom of movement as a great source of economic growth, as he seemed to have previously believed, he is now attacking the very notion of it.

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“It’s not about Brexit,” he says. Given that issues of migration and freedom of movement were, and still are, heavily intertwined with Brexit, this is not entirely reassuring. Still, Starmer’s message is clear – that some skilled migration is fine, but not the kinds of labor market changes that have occurred in recent decades.

“Gone are the days when low wages and cheap labor were part of the British way of development … Our common goal must be to help the British economy break away from its immigration dependence, starting to invest more in training workers who are already here, He was addressing the annual convention of CBI in Birmingham on Tuesday.


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