Is now the time for Mark Zuckerberg to face the music?

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NSHow has your week been? Of course tough enough, and we all face our challenges, big and small, but most likely you haven’t been $7bn poorer than last Monday, will your public reputation be dented by – again – deliberate online hatred. With allegations of incitement, has been destroyed, and you have disappointed a significant proportion of your 3.5 billion customers with six hours of unplanned outages (the entire population of the world is about 7.8 billion, ie just for reference) did not do.

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Of course, this was the week for Mark Zuckerberg, the 37-year-old chief executive officer and president of Facebook, the corporate giant that includes WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger services. While nothing new in a sense—Facebook has come under fire since its launch from Zuckerberg’s dorm room at Harvard in 2004, sparking interest from college officials—the new allegations are no more than any previous scandals. There were also ways more intense, more personal, more tragic. Data collection and political interference.

In fact, “whistle-blower” is a slang term for now-famous former employee-turned-whistle-blower, 37-year-old Frances Haugen (coincidentally the same age as Zuckerberg). she’s groping her flute in the rut wall street journalMILF on an interview 60 minutes and an honorable hearing in the United States Congress. He also had some great tunes. He declared his old boss “morally bankrupt”; She claimed that research conducted by Facebook has proved that Facebook knows the harm caused by social media use to adolescents, but its various platforms exploit their insecurities, creating traffic and thus advertising. increase revenue by $30 billion. For a year or so it turns in profit.


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