ISIS attempts suicide attack on al-Hol camp in Syria | CNN Politics

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According to US Central Command, a group of ISIS militants in two vehicles armed with suicide explosives attempted to attack the al-Hol camp in Syria, which displaces about 60,000.


CENTCOM spokesman Colonel Joe Buccino said a vehicle exploded about 12 miles northeast of the camp, alerting the nearby US Allied Forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

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When SDF reached the spot, two youths got down from another vehicle. One man detonated the suicide jacket, Bukino said, while another was shot dead by SDF forces. Another ISIS terrorist is in the custody of SDF.

Buccino said the second vehicle was rigged with about 110 pounds of explosives. A total of four ISIS terrorists were killed in the engagement, including the first vehicle that detonated prematurely.

“The response of our allied forces highlights not only their dedication to their people, but also their steadfastness and commitment to the lasting defeat of ISIS,” Buccino said.

Earlier this month, General Eric Kurilla Al-Hol became the first commander of US Central Command to visit the camp and the most senior US officer to speak personally with the camp’s residents, Bukino said.

The camp has seen sporadic violence in the past, making Kurilla’s visit a strong statement of US support for the SDF, which are struggling to control the region. Kurilla spoke to the residents of the camp and offered condolences to the SDF, which recently lost two soldiers in an operation there.

“With about 80 births in the camp every month, this place is a literal breeding ground for the next generation of ISIS. About 70 percent of the population is under the age of 12. These youths are radicalized given their very poor quality of life. are vulnerable,” Kurila said in a statement after his visit.

According to Centcom, in recent weeks, the SDF has launched a security operation in the camp. According to Buxino, this has resulted in the “arrest of dozens of ISIS operatives and the disruption of a major ISIS facility network both within the camp and throughout Syria”.

Kurilla highlighted concerns about al-Hol during his Senate confirmation hearing in February, calling for a broad government-wide approach to assisting Syrian Democratic Forces in repatriating some of the 60,000 people living at the site. was. “My concern is that what’s happening there, it’s happening there,” he told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

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