Israel watches six months before Iran nuclear material ‘breakout’

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    Opposing the Biden administration, Israel’s energy minister doubled the timeframe for Iran to produce the fijile material needed for nuclear weapons.

    Israel’s energy minister says it will take six months for Iran to produce enough phylic material for a single nuclear weapon – a timeline twice as long as anticipated by a senior member of the Biden administration.

    Israel is wary of the Biden administration’s intention to re-enter the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran and has long opposed the agreement. Washington argues that the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the deal prompted Iran to relinquish control of nuclear activities.

    In the last month, a day before he assumed office as US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken called the so-called “breakout time” in which Iran could promote the enrichment of uranium for bomb-fuel purity – “a year ahead” Has gone” [under the deal] About three or four months ”.

    He He said he based his remarks on information in public reporting.

    But Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said in a radio interview, the Trump administration “severely damaged Iran’s nuclear project and the entire force building”.

    “In terms of promotion, they [Iranians] If all they do is be in a state of rupture in about half a year, “he told public broadcaster Kan,” For nuclear weapons, the limit is about one or two years. “

    Iran’s foreign affairs minister Mohammed Jawad Zarif has dismissed allegations that Tehran had been shying away from developing months of “enough material for a nuclear bomb”.

    “I think it’s a statement of concern that addresses public opinion more than reality,” Zarif said.

    “Iran does not seek nuclear weapons. If we wanted to make nuclear weapons, we could have done some time ago, but we decided that nuclear weapons would not enhance our security and are contrary to our ideological views. “

    ‘Old Failed Policies’

    The foreign minister also warned that the US does not have “unlimited” time to return to the 2015 nuclear deal.

    “The United States needs to get back in compliance and Iran will be ready – to respond immediately,” Zarif said.

    “Time is not an issue. The issue is whether the United States, whether the new administration, intends to follow the old failed policies of the Trump administration or not. “

    Iran has recently intensified its violations of the nuclear deal, rollback, starting in 2019 in response to the US withdrawal from the agreement.

    Final quarter estimates by the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog in November show that Iran’s rich uranium stock has risen to 2.4 tons – more than 10 times the amount allowed under the deal, but still one of more than eight tons. Excerpt was earlier.

    Since then, Iran has started enriching uranium to high purity, reverting to the 20 percent achieved before the deal, which was higher than the previous maximum of 4.5 percent. The deal sets a limit of 3.67 percent, which is less than 90 percent of weapons-grade.


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