Israel’s Arab parties split in boost for Netanyahu

    JERUSALEM (AP) – A coalition of Arab parties in Israel finalized their breakup on Thursday, setting up the possibility that a small Islamic party could hold Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s lead position and prosecution over corruption charges Can be saved from

    The combined list of alliances of four Arab parties that won a record 15 seats in last year’s elections finalized the overnight division, with three going on simultaneously and the United Arab List, an Islamist party led by Member of Parliament Mansoor Abbas Will strike Out on its own.

    One of the main points of the division was Abbas’ openness to work with Netanyahu or other Israeli leaders to resolve long-standing issues such as crime and housing in Israel’s Arab community, thereby reducing its population’s Approximately 20% is formed.

    Abbas’s party hopes to win a few seats in Israel’s parliament, the Knesset. But in a tight-knit election, in which the winner should win a 61-seat alliance, he could emerge as an unlikely kingmaker. Polls show that Netanyahu’s Likud has won the most seats, but slightly less than a ruling coalition. Even some seats may be enough to make a difference.

    “Considering the political deadlock, any Arab party can play a role of profit for Arab society …” said Arik Rudnitzy, a researcher at the Israeli Democracy Institute. “This is the main political consideration.” Islamic Movement. “

    Israel’s Arab community has full citizenship, including the right to vote, but faces widespread discrimination in housing and other fields. He has close ties with the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, leading many Jewish Israelis to view him with suspicion.

    The election, to be held on March 23, will be Israel’s fourth in less than two years. In previous campaigns, Netanyahu has been accused of espionage and abetment against Arab parties, but this time he is openly supporting Arab support to speed up the breakdown of the joint list and reduce overall turnout Many were seen as attempts.

    Netanyahu hopes to assemble a ruling coalition that would extend his 12 years in office and potentially provide him immunity from prosecution on charges stemming from a series of corruption investigations.

    Rudnitzki said Abbas’s party could do well on its own.

    “The Islamic movement is one of the largest social movements acting in Arab society,” he said. They have a very large base of popular support, but the question is whether this popular support will turn into an actual vote on election day. “

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