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According to reports, an Italian man has been reported to the police for fraud after allegedly trying to pass a silicone mold as his arm so that he could receive a vaccination card without actually getting a shot. Can you

However, the nurse who gave the man’s jaw was not fooled. BBC News reported that she said her hand felt dry and cold and appeared to be very pale in colour, so she reported it to the police, despite asking him to look the other way.


In his 50s, the man was reportedly suspended from a job in health care because he refused to get the vaccine shot, which is mandatory in Italy.

The European nation has increased its sanctions on illiterate citizens; Italians must have a “super green pass,” meaning they’ve been fully vaccinated or have recently recovered from the coronavirus, to go to movie theaters, gyms, train stations or restaurants.

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“The matter is ridiculous, if not for the fact that we are talking about a gesture of enormous gravity,” Albert Sirio, head of the Piedmont regional government, said in a statement.

He said the man’s alleged fraud was “unacceptable” because of the “sacrifices” the rest of the community has made during the pandemic over the past two years, BBC informed of.