Italian man who tried to use fake arm to avoid COVID shot says life is ‘ruined’

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According to reports, the man who tried to dodge Italy’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate by using a fake hand is a dentist who claims the ridiculous trick has “ruined” his life.

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Guido Russo, 57, refused to take the jab on Thursday before showing up at a vaccine center in Biella, where he wore a silicone mask during his unfortunate ploy to trick a nurse with a “well-made” fake arm. prosthetic was used. Corriere della Sera newspaper reported,

“Go away, you’ve ruined my life,” an angry Rousseau told reporters from behind the door of a villa in Patinengo. “Go away, I’ll call the carabinieri.”


Rousseau told the nurse last week that he uncovered his fake hand that he found himself in a bind.

“I don’t want to get the vaccine, but I need a green pass to work,” he told nurse Philippa Bua, La Repubblica reported on Sunday,

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Rousseau is being investigated for attempted fraud – and this isn’t the first time a dentist has been investigated. In 2016, he and a dental technician were accused of illegally practicing dentistry in their Valle Moso office, La Repubblica reported.

“Such an action would be serious for anyone, but it is even more serious because it hurts our profession and our order,” Franco Ferrero, president of the Biella Medical Association, told the newspaper of Russo’s actions. “It is a lack of respect for those who have acted in these two years of pandemic with a sense of self-sacrifice and service, even injurious to their own health.”

Guido Russo used a silicone prosthetic during his unfortunate ploy to trick the nurse.

Bua said Rousseau, who called his fake hand a “stage dress”, insulted medical professionals in his hoax.

“I am unreliable and very stressed out,” Bua told Corriere della Sera. “Over the past few weeks, everyone who shows up for the first dose of the vaccine has been annoyed with the ‘system’ and felt obligated. My colleagues and I try to reduce stress levels by not letting any provocations take our toll. But I’m really tired and equally sorry to see these people who don’t understand how essential a vaccine is to protect the health of them and their loved ones.”

La Repubblica reported that a disciplinary committee was investigating Rousseau’s actions.

Philippa Aunty.
Nurse Philippa Bua said Guido Russo insulted medical professionals with his hoax.

Vaccines were already mandatory for health workers, but Italy’s “Super Green Pass”, which requires vaccination or proof of recovery from the virus, goes into effect Monday – just days before Russo told a nurse Tried to cheat with his fake organ, which was largely sold on Amazon. $564.

Corriere della Sera reported that Rousseau was unable to work “for some time” because of his refusal to vaccinate, and that he would no longer have a choice in the matter after being suspended during an investigation for fraud.

A sign on Russo’s office indicated that he had no intention of checking whether his patients had vaccinated, saying it was “particularly voluntary” for them to show up near their green.

Signs in Guido Rousseau's office.
A sign on Guido Rousseau’s office indicated that he had no intention of checking whether his patients had vaccinated.


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