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President Joe Biden will run for re-election in 2024, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed to reporters. A briefing on Air Force One On the way to Fort Bragg on Monday afternoon.


Asked by a reporter whether Biden is considering running for re-election, Psaki replied “Yes, that’s his intention.”

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He did not elaborate further.

The confirmation comes after some Democratic leaders expressed concern over Biden’s political position.

Democratic President on November 15 The most important infrastructure package in generations was just signed into law, And he did so by bringing together Democrats and Republicans, as he promised during last year’s campaign. But when Biden arrived under a crumbling bridge in New Hampshire last week to promote a $1 trillion package, All his VIP guests were in no mood to celebrate.

“Democrats are concerned,” former State House Speaker Steve Shirtleff, a longtime Biden supporter who attended the ceremony, told the Associated Press when asked about Biden’s political position. “I’m worried about where we might be in the next few years when people really start gearing up and start taking trips to New Hampshire.”

Shirtleff was openly saying what a growing number of Democrats have been whispering for months: Biden’s political position is so weak, less than a year after his presidency, that if he does run again, he’s going to run again in 2024. Will not win the election. Such anxiety-ridden parlor games are common among Washington’s political class, but it has spread to the states and constituencies that will play a central role in the next presidential election.

Vice President Kamala Harris is facing a political crisis of her own, with polls revealing she may be less popular than her unpopular boss. A dynamic leader who made history by becoming the first black woman to step into her office and the first person of South Asian descent, Harris has been given few opportunities to shine by the Biden White House.

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He made his first solo speech to promote the new infrastructure law Friday in Ohio’s capital city, addressing a mostly empty union hall almost in the absence of political dignitaries at the same time Biden released Was doing. The White House’s annual turkey pardon in Washington.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump has not confirmed whether he will seek the White House again in 2024, but has given several indications. Most recently, he spoke at the New York Fire Station on September 11, where he responded to speculation about a possible presidency.

He said he knows what he wants to do, but campaign finance laws prevent him from saying too much at the moment. “I think you’re going to be happy. Let me put it this way, okay,” Trump said. “I think you’ll be very happy.”

This story was reported from Los Angeles. The Associated Press contributed.