It’s time to ban private jets – or at least tax them to the ground | Akin Olla

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Kylie Jenner, Drake and other celebrities have recently faced criticism for riding a carbon emissions-heavy private jet, in which a flight from Jenner reportedly lasts an aggressively short 17 minutes.

I led the US trial against big tobacco for its harmful lies. The next big one is oil. Sharon Y Eubanks
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It may be less humiliating if the flights were taken for reasons important to the existence of mankind or at least the act of government. But it was the entertainers and private individuals who have access to first class commercial flights and the same facilities of phone and video calls we use for general public use.

Over the past few decades, private jets have become a growing source of global flight emissions, while providing little value to most humans on Earth. At the same time, the working class bears the burden of daily sacrifices for the climate crisis, the world’s poorest working class has also been forced to Escape their house. The time has come for us to follow the pathetic lifestyle of the rich, and invest in public infrastructure that can fill the gap and provide fast and clean transportation to both the rich and the masses.

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While private jet use does not rank as high as an emissions source, as does the beef industry or us ArmyOf course, private jets in particular feel pointless and tasteless—the kind of private carbon indulgence we should in principle rid ourselves of. While private jets may be somewhat appropriate for events such as climate summits, it is easy to assume that most other flights are not as important as meetings about the future of the planet.

Environmental reporter Oliver Millman wrote in a July article covering the impact of all these insignificant flights:

Private aircraft still emit more than 33 million tons of greenhouse gases, more than the country of Denmark… they are five to 14 times more polluting than commercial aircraft, per passenger, and 50 times more polluting than trains .

While Drake is jetting across the world in his multi-bedroom, $185m Sky home, working Americans are busy sorting out their recycling, going green, and dying in floods made worse by the climate crisis. It’s true that the richest of us start making the same sacrifices, and giving up on a private jet isn’t anywhere near the kinds of sacrifices. Predicted There are going to be 1.2 billion climate refugees around the world. Accepting measures to severely restrict private flights (and resisting the urge to do away with laws) should be a reasonable concession from the rich and powerful. Given the state of the world and with speed A popular trend of trying to overthrow the ruling class, such gestures could play well in the long run for the world’s horribly lean-to wealthy elite.

If an outright ban is too unpleasant, imposing a severe tax on private jet flights could at least help offset the damage and put money toward creating the kind of public infrastructure we need to cope with the climate crisis. will need to be faced. If the US Congress is feeling too cowardly, it can at least take measures to stop billionaires from using their jets. tax write-off, Jenner’s entire journey was reportedly about 200 miles and 44 minutes in total. The same journey could be accomplished with China’s new maglev bullet train tentative At the same time – and took a lot of people.

Banning, restricting, or at least heavily taxing private jets is another basic, common-sense step this country can take to blur the lines between whether the richest of us and the poorest are ahead. How will you face the crisis? Clearly, reducing the use of private jets isn’t enough – the US and other countries should go ahead and pass laws that could prevent a worst-case climate scenario. But in the meantime, eliminating most private flights – and reallocating the money and carbon expenditure needed for them – is at least one piece we should be taking away from our obscenely wealthy overlords.

  • Akin Ola is a contributing opinion writer at the Guardian


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