Ja Rule appeared on CNBC to talk Robinhood and Gametop

    It appears that someone missed the memo that Dave Chappelle was only joking when he stated the dire need to get Ja Rule’s input on the breaking news stories as CNBC co-sponsored the Fair Festival to understand the wall last week -Took the help of the installer. Street Zennes. To be fair, he inserted himself into the story with his tweet to the account of the Robinhood app, and the affinity of the regulars to watch the train wreck did the rest, but it must be said, he found himself temporary Well acquitted in the market. Role.

    The recordThe hosts did their part, setting them up with the question of softball, allowing them to catch some surprising, empirical comments about the founder of Robinhood semi-illegally by a sudden run on the app. When asked, “What would you tell Robinhood to do here?” Ja’s response was straightforward and simple: “You’ll let people do business, man.”

    He It also tried its best to explain why Robinhood prevented trades on short stocks and generously allowed that it was more bad optics than any malicious intent on the part of the app’s leadership. “I don’t think the CEO had the money to cover the actual money going through the platform,” Ja said. “It looks like this big hedge fund is playing into people’s hands.”

    Certainly, this is an interpretation that works a little. This is no Papa Christo’s commercial or festival fiasco, but perhaps Ja can rebuild his image as a surprise investor at this moment. It might make the internet less interested overall (be honest, you clicked so you could make fun of him a little bit and make some Fair Fest jokes, but I beat you to it), but let any of us know our most Not to be judged in a bad way. Moment, right?

    Watch Ja Rule’s appearance on CNBC The record Below.


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