Jack Daniels turns to Supreme Court over dog toy dispute

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Jack Daniels barked at the Supreme Court to once again raise its dispute with the maker of dog chew toys for infringing the whiskey company’s trademark.

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At issue is VIP Products’ squeaky, tongue-in-cheek copy of the famous whiskey maker’s bottle called “Bad Spaniels,” which sells for $16.49 and says in small print that it’s “43% poo by volume.” and “100% Stinky.”

Rough replication is part of vip product‘ line of “Silly Squeakers”, which also poked fun at other liquor companies—including “Stella Arpo”, a swipe at beermaker Stella Artois, and “Heinsniff’n”, which features a dog chewing on a toy with another mute. Shows sniffing the back end. To copy the bottle of Heineken beer.


When the company began selling its Bad Spaniels toy in 2014, Jack Daniels asked the company to shut down, but VIP went to court to allow its product to continue selling. Jack Daniels won the first round in court but lost an appeal. The matter reached the Supreme Court last year, but the judges did not cut it.

However, on Monday the judges appealed.

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VIP claims that Jack Daniel’s owner, Louisville, Ky.-based Brown-Forman Corp., has “wage war” against the company and cannot joke, the company wrote to the high court.

Toy maker VIP Products was first sued by Jack Daniels in 2014.
silly screamer

Brown-Forman’s attorney, Lisa Blatt, said the toy was a gross infringement of its trademark and that the toy was “taking advantage of Jack Daniel’s hard-earned goodwill.”

In 2008, a lower court blocked the company from selling its Budweiser toy, the Buttwiper.

The Supreme Court has been urged by other major corporations, including Levi Strauss and Campbell Soup, to rule on the proliferation of trademark infringement cases.

Other major consumer brands that have been the butt of VIP products jokes may see this matter, as the company mocks Coke with its “Canine Cola” Red Can toy, and Guinness beer with its “Pissiness” bottle. Shows a dog. Raising your foot on a fire hydrant.

And Arizona-based VIP Products isn’t the only dog ​​toy company that’s been taken to court over its sense of humor.

In 2007, Louis Vuitton sued Haute Dignity Dog over its “Chevy Vuitton” plush purse dog toy — and lost, according to a AP report,

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