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Granthshala News Senior Strategic Analyst General jack keane (retired) warned that Afghanistan was headed for a civil war as the economy and institutions fell sharply since the Taliban came under control. Keane told “Mornings with Maria” on Tuesday that the country’s health care and banking systems have failed and said they are unable to pay bills to other countries without international support.

Afghans sell everything they own to buy food as economy under Taliban rule


Jack Keane: Afghanistan is an economic basket affair with a growing humanitarian crisis. I believe they are heading towards a failed state and eventually going to civil war in the country because the pressure that will be exerted on the people will be so significant that their tribal leaders and chieftains have to do something to adjust the situation Will happen. People’s troubles are going to go away.

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The Taliban has done nothing to gain international support. He said that they are going to form an inclusive government. they have not. He said women would participate. They are not. Not a single country has recognized them, and they are not receiving any international funding. The United States has $9 billion in Afghan money, and that’s because a terrorist organization is now running the country. And that is the reality we are facing there.

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