‘Jagged Alliance 3’ resurrects beloved strategy series with surprise trailer

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A loud, turn-based blast from the past

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THQ Nordic has revealed a trailer for jagged alliance 3, the first mainline entry in the series since 1999.

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Described as “the true successor to the beloved series”, jagged alliance 3 The turn-based combat takes players to the fictional country of Grand Chien to fight a violent paramilitary group.

Launching on PC, the strategy game combines tactical-focused fights with RPG elements such as exploring, talking to NPCs, collecting loot and modifying weapons.


jagged alliance 3 being developed by Hamimont Games, which is known for titles such as living mars And this tropico Voting. Speaking at a press event, the studio shared that jagged alliance 3 Players will recruit a “big cast of mercenaries” to recruit into their squad, which includes some fan-favorite characters “like Evan, Bunce, Tex, Lens… a whole bunch of them”.

Outside of turn-based combat, players will need to seize and fortify territories in Grand Chien, “a meta layer for the game that’s really about going out there and controlling territories”. This involves managing multiple squads spread across the country, which will be “a living world that will respond to you as you go out there and discover things”.

Jagged Alliance 3. Credits: Hamiemont Games

The gameplay will also revolve around “player exploration, learning”. [about] world slowly, then take action and make decisions that have consequences and a lasting impact on the world”. Players must account for a variety of modifiers during the game such as team morale, as well as things like weather and time of day. Which will affect the views of the map.

The upcoming game will also include a “Drop In, Drop Out” co-op mode for the campaign, which means fans will be able to experience it with friends.


jagged alliance 3 There isn’t a specific release date yet, although the trailer video description states that it is “coming soon to PC”.

In other news, an unannounced Castlevania Advanced Collection Rated in Taiwan.

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