Jake Angeli, ‘QAnon shaman,’ pleads guilty to obstructing vote counting on Jan. 6

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The man who, through his fur hat with horns, painted face, bare tattooed chest and spear, became one of the more widely recognized figures January 6 Uprising at the US Capitol Found guilty to obstruct a civil proceeding in a DC federal court on Friday.

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The charge carries a maximum prison term of 20 years. In court on Friday, Angeli said he understands it was a potential fine.

Before Judge Royce Lamberth accepted the plea, he determined that Angelie was mentally capable, based on a psychological examination the judge had ordered.


Angeli told the judge that she “greatly appreciates the court’s willingness to examine me and my mental vulnerabilities.”

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He told Lamberth that he hoped “your respect certainly didn’t hurt anything I said to the psychiatrist. I didn’t mean anything personal. I just said that I hope you can.” were fair.”

Lambarth said that whatever the comments were in the report, he did not commit any offence. “I thought it was very enjoyable,” he said. “I was happy.”

Angelie’s St. Louis-based attorney, Albert Watkins, asked that her client be released and placed under her charge and care. Watkins told the judge how he had arranged for resources, including a family that would be Angelie and a doctor who would work with her on her mental health issues.

Watkins said that, with the agreement, the government acknowledged that Angeli was neither the planner nor the organizer of the January 6 events.

Lamberth said he would take the arguments and filings regarding Angelie’s release under advice. He set a provisional sentencing date for November 17.

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Angelie was ordered into custody following her arrest in Phoenix three days after the Capitol raid. On his drive back from DC he showed up for what was expected to be a follow-up interview with FBI agents.

Instead he was arrested. The horned cap and spear he had in his car were confiscated.

Angelie has been wearing deliberately eye-catching outfits in and around Phoenix since at least 2019, usually with a sign that read, “Que send me.”

His aim, he told The Republic in a previous interview, was to draw attention to the QAnon movement, which imagined Trump would soon destroy a global group of elite politicians in power through an international sex trafficking ring. Will do

Instead, that dress caught Angelie’s attention when she wore it during a raid on the US Capitol.

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In Thursday’s news release, Angeli’s attorney, Watkins, suggested that Angeli had disapproved of his adherence to QAnon. The release said that Angelie “rejects the ‘Q’ previously assigned to her and requests future references to be devoid of the use of the letter ‘Q’.”

Angelie’s face, painted red, white and blue, and draped with a wolf’s tail hanging from her horned hat, became ubiquitous during media coverage of the scuffle at the US Capitol. He became one of the most high-profile among the more than 500 people arrested for his actions on 6 January.

The hours-long capture of the US Capitol resulted in the deaths of five people, including a US Capitol police officer.

On Friday, in court, the judge asked him if he had read the statement that described what he was accused of doing: threatening congressional officials, living illegally in a restricted building, and civil disorder. Doing.

“That’s really what happened?” The judge asked him.

“Yes, your honor,” said Angeli.

“Really, are you guilty of this crime?” The judge asked.

“Yes, your honor,” said Angeli.

Angelie, who was arrested under her legal name Jake Chansley, has previously insisted in media interviews that she had done nothing wrong. “I walked in through an open door, man,” he told NBC News the day after the rebellion.

The government had named Angeli as one of the leaders of the raid, which was successful in preventing for hours the certification of President Joe Biden’s 2020 election victory over former President Donald Trump.

Lamberth agreed with prosecutors in a March ruling rejecting Angeli’s request while awaiting trial.

Lamberth said that Angelie “entered the Capitol not to contemplate Statue Hall, but with the intention of obstructing the actions of our government through force.”

Lamberth cited video that showed Angelie walking into the Capitol through a door while people were climbing through a nearby broken window as evidence that she was part of the building’s initial infiltration. Lamberth wrote that Angeli “largely led” her entry into the Capitol.

In arguments filed by her attorney, Angeli insisted that she had been invited to the US Capitol by Trump, who, at one point, said in a speech before the Capitol invasion that he would be among the protesters who stormed the building. But will march.

Watkins described his client as someone who had been misled by the former president.

In a motion filed June 22, Watkins wrote, “The defendant is a sweet, gentle, well-spoken, shrewd individual whose longstanding commitment to peace and nonviolence is second only to his recognized mental weaknesses. “

During the June hearing, Watkins told the court that Angeli was cooperating with FBI agents investigating the events of January 6th.. Watkins said those negotiations, which he said were not part of a plea deal, “demonstrated the defendant’s wholesale commitment to doing what is right for the country.”

Angeli was photographed outside the US Capitol atop a loft set up for Biden’s pending inauguration and inside the Capitol, manhandling a police officer. He carried a spear topped by an American flag that was zip-tied from above.

In a video captured by a reporter working for The New Yorker magazine, Angelie tumbles down the floor of the Senate and takes her place on stage. It was the location where Vice President Mike Pence was presiding over a joint session of Congress moments earlier to testify the 2020 election results.

According to the video, Angelie posed for photos on stage and called Pence a traitor. He then took out a note for Pence and read it aloud to the New Yorker reporter’s camera. “It’s only a matter of time,” said Angeli. “Justice is coming.”

The next day, Angelie called the FBI, knowing that officers had posted her image and announced that they wanted to speak to her. He agreed to a personal interview at the Phoenix FBI office once he returned to that city. When he came for that interview, he was arrested.

Angeli faced six federal counts related to his actions inside the US Capitol. Two of the offenses involved him being unlawfully present in a “restricted building” that the Capitol became once Pence was inside. He was also accused of obstructing an official proceeding.

An initial Pretrial Services report suggested that Angeli be released while awaiting trial. But a magistrate judge in Phoenix ordered her capture partly because her adherence to QAnon showed a separation from reality.

They were transferred to a prison facility run by the sheriff’s office in Alexandria, Virginia, because it could provide them with a completely organic diet. Judge Lamberth ordered that Give Angelie an all-organic diet In keeping with his declared religious belief as a self-studied magician.

Angelie was told to be in solitary confinement by her lawyer, who spent 22 hours a day in her cell. Such treatment was affecting Angelie’s well-being, Watkins wrote in the court filings.

In May, Lamberth ordered that Angelie undergoes a mental health Evaluation.

In a 2019 interview with The Republic, Angeli said that she had never sought mental health treatment. But, he said, part of the embarrassment was the rigorous self-examination.

“The fact of the matter is,” he said, “people who are insane don’t know that they are insane. If you question your own conscience, it is indeed a sensible act.”

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