family of University of Texas at Austin Linebacker Jake Ehlinger says he died of an accidental overdose involving fentanyl.

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The family issued a statement Thursday saying that Ehlinger “was the victim of an accidental overdose of what is believed to be Xanax containing toxic drugs, including lethal fentanyl.”


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20 year old Ehlinger was found dead outside the premises in the 1200 block of West 22nd Street Austin in May. At the time, Austin police said his death was not considered suspicious.

“The spread of counterfeit bullets is a constant and important issue across the country, especially in schools, colleges and universities,” the statement said. “As our family continues to process Jake’s death, we felt it was important to share these details with the hope that Jake would not have died in vain. We pray that sharing Jake’s story will shed light on this problem.” and help other families avoid it. Tragically losing a loved one.”

Ehlinger was the younger brother of former UT Austin quarterback Sam Ehlinger.

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