Jameela Jamil responds to criticism over her contributions to James Blake’s new album

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“You are part of the problem of why women don’t pursue production”

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Jameela Jamil has responded to criticism after being credited on fellow James Blake’s new album, Friends That Break Your Heart.

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The actor and activist is credited as a producer on tracks nine out of 12 of Blake’s fifth studio album, which was released on Friday (October 8).

Jamil took to Twitter this morning (October 9) to express her disappointment with those who didn’t believe she was actually involved in the production of the album.


“Most women would insist that I couldn’t really work on my boyfriend’s music, and he would have credited me for being good,” she wrote. “I was a DJ for 8 years, and studied music for 6 years before that. You are part of the problem of why women don’t pursue production.”

good place Starr reiterated his stance, explaining that he had faced similar criticism in the past for his work on previous albums in Blake’s discography.

“Men. James had to fight me to take credit for this album because I was sick of the internet long ago,” she wrote. “Another hilarious side to this misogyny is that they simply don’t trust my musical input It’s when they like songs. If they don’t like a song then all of a sudden I can produce and it’s all my fault, and I single-handedly produced everything!”

She continued: “I hope you’re taking credit for your work anywhere in the world. I hope you know that if you’re not confident in your accomplishments… that’s not a reflection of you…

“It happens at every level in every industry. Me too. Even when I don’t give myself credit, my boyfriend quietly credits me. We’re in this mess together. Representation matters.” It is not our responsibility to believe, like, understand or approve.”


Blake later defended Jamil, sharing his tweet on his Instagram page and thanking him for the work he did in his latest release.

“Fuck yes. Thank you for recording this record Jameela. It wouldn’t be half without the crazy skills you brought in,” she wrote. “Love you and I hope it’s all for those ladies Serves as an example that is routinely discouraged by prying eyes that your work is necessary and important.”

He continued: “The double standard is very disturbing. Why doesn’t anyone ask me what the men on record did in particular? Because they’re looking for confirmation of their sexism, hoping that Jameela will hit the wall. There was a beautiful fly who was just getting credit for having a girlfriend. And all they can do is fuck up.”

Meanwhile, James Blake has announced an “intimate solo piano show” for 2022.

The multi-instrumentalist and producer will take to the stage at Prazum in Kingston upon Thames for Banquet Records on April 28.

Posting on social media on Tuesday (October 5), Blake wrote that the announcement was made in honor of ‘Friends That Break Your Heart’.

The intimate Kingston show will come ahead of Blake’s 2022 UK and European tour, which is set to begin in Glasgow on 30 April. This will be followed by dates in Manchester (1 May), Sheffield (15 May) and London (17 May).

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