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According to Deadline, James Franco is stirring up controversy once again, with the news that he has been cast to play “Alina of Cuba,” a new film by former Cuban leader Fidel Castro. This will be one of Franco’s first acting roles since being prosecuted for sexual misconduct in 2019. But the sex scandal isn’t the only reason people are upset with the casting news.

The film will follow the story of Castro’s illegitimate daughter, Alina Fernandez, who didn’t know until the age of 10 who her powerful father was.


Soon after the announcement, actor John Leguizamo shared his displeasure over the casting on social media.

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He wrote, “How’s this still going? How is Hollywood locking us out but stealing our stories too?”

James Franco paid $2.2 million to settle sexual misconduct lawsuit

The Colombian-born actor wrote of Franco, “He’s not Latino!”

Franco has Portuguese and Swedish ancestry on his paternal side, as well as Russian Jewish from his maternal side.

John Leguizamo on Friday shared his disappointment with James Franco being cast as Cuba's Fidel Castro.

Leguizamo’s social media commentary continued with his condemnation of the industry, writing, “No more appropriation of Hollywood and streamers! Boycott! It’s f’ed up!”

Fidel Castro, who died in 2016, will be portrayed by actor James Franco in a new film titled "Alina of Cuba."

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This certainly isn’t the first time Hollywood casting has angered potential audiences.

Scarlett Johansson was cast in “Ghost in the Shell” as Motoku Kusanagi, a character that first appeared in Japanese manga.

Others were upset and questioned why Emma Stone was chosen to play a Hawaiian woman in “Aloha.”

A representative for Leguizamo did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.