James Harden broadens his growing relief efforts for Houston

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    James Harden left Houston this season after leading the Rockets’ franchise eight, and when it ended in a way some disgruntled Harden pushed his way to Brooklyn, yet he was pushed back to the city and his people. Love a lot.

    Last week, Houston was one of the cities in Texas, Texas had been hit hardest by the worst winter storm in recent memory, as millions were left for days without electricity. Water services stalled in some areas and boils spread throughout the state, and as electricity is returning, there is a huge problem of pipes bursting and damage in homes everywhere. Harden, who set up a restaurant to open in Houston, had 3,000 meals prepared and given away by his restaurant over the weekend, but he is working to do more.

    After winning the Nets over the Clippers on Sunday night, Harden was asked about his relief efforts and calls that he is working with the Houston mayor, plumbing companies, BodyArmore to provide water ships to the city and more .

    As Harden notes, he feels a responsibility to give back to the people of Houston, who showed him so much “love and respect” even when he moved to Brooklyn, and it’s great to see him making a move that way. Millions of people have been affected and as they mentioned, the recovery from this storm is different from even the devastating Hurricane Harvey in that it is not known who has been affected and the issues are so widespread. Kudos for putting in this effort, trying to help Harden and the people of Houston overcome a terrible week.


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