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Kyle Richards and Jamie Lee Curtis are sharing why they are so proud to be a part of such a lovely film.

The original “Halloween” movie came out in 1978 and more than 10 sequels were made. However, most had no original cast. In 2018, a direct sequel to the original starring Curtis was released and was followed by “Halloween Kills”, which saw the return of Richards. The final film in the franchise, “Halloween Ends”, is scheduled to be released in October 2022.


“It wasn’t a franchise, and that’s something I like to remind people of. [Creators] John Carpenter and Debra Hill made a movie,” Curtis explained. “They made this fight between good and evil. The fact that it’s stretched and stretched and extrapolated and expanded is beautiful, but naturally it’s the same story.”

When asked for any potential spoilers for “Halloween Kills,” Curtis called it “complicated,” “different” and “very sentimental,” promising fans a “happy ending.”

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Meanwhile, Richards admitted that she wasn’t really scared on set as a child while filming the original “Halloween” movie. She wasn’t scared until she saw it, noting that “she had nightmares and had to sleep with (her) mother until (she) turned 15.” Ironically, she was more afraid of filming the sequel as an adult.

Despite being scared during filming, Richards was happy to return to her role in the franchise, saying that, although she is scared, it’s great to be a part of the movies and embraced by the fantasy.

Richards said, “The fantasy of ‘Halloween’ is unbelievable. To think so… people still love it so much and fans are so passionate about it.” “It’s just crazy, and I feel blessed and lucky to be a part of such an incredible story.”

It seems that Richards’ experience in the horror film franchise helped him deal with all the drama on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Even though she’d like to stay out of it whenever possible, she says, “there’s no escape from the drama” and she can’t avoid “sucking up” at times.

“I don’t know how I’ve dealt with housewives for so long, it’s 12 years,” Richards said.

“When I started the show, I thought I was doing a little show that I would probably do for three months and that was it. I didn’t know I would be here after 12 years like this,” she explained. “Putting your life out there and judging and weighing people in, and fighting and drama, it really takes a toll on you. I don’t know how I’m still hanging there! ! If Michael Myers follows me If you can, I think I can handle a lot of things.”

Kyle Richards credits his experiences with Michael Myers for being able to handle Housewives.

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Richards and Curtis also talked about the changes made to the annual Horror Nights event, which includes the “Halloween” maze.

Curtis, the star of the first “Halloween” movie, was excited about the new labyrinth, saying that even though she can’t walk through it herself, her fans will continue to think of her as brave because of how brave her character was in the film.

“It’s awesome that it’s named after my doppelganger Laurie Strode. It has nothing to do with Jamie Curtis. Jamie Curtis doesn’t like scary things, but Laurie Strode fans the flexibility, strength, kick-ness, intensity represents for generations bravery, wit, patience, perseverance, and those are all qualities I then get to embody, so people think it’s me,” Curtis explained.

“It doesn’t matter whether I go to the maze or not, that’s what they think of me, because that’s what they think of Laurie Strode,” she said.

While her co-star Richards was appreciative that her film still resonated with fans, she wasn’t so enthusiastic about the idea of ​​Horror Nights in general. She remembered the first time she walked through one of the mazes at Universal Studios Hollywood and felt horrified.

Jamie Lee Curtis says that even though she won't go through the maze, her fans will still see her as brave because they see her character that way.

“House of Horrors is terrible to me,” Richards said. “I remember the first time I did this, I kept thinking, what if these are not actors and some crazy people are stuck here and they are following me. Maybe I think because I did a lot of films. Huh.”

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John Murdy, Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights creative director, teases a whole new Halloween Horror Nights this year, featuring a new maze of The Weeknd’s music called “The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare” and new elements Terror has been added to the tram. Making it more scary than ever.

“Terrorist Tram is taking a new turn this year, because we are expanding it a lot,” he said. “We took all the sets from Jordan Peele’s new movie… ‘No…’ and we brought all the sets to the backlot at Universal Studios Hollywood and now bring it to life with a twist as part of Halloween Horror Nights. Were … not only ‘no,’ but also all those people in red jumpsuits with ‘us’ scissors.”

Jon Murdy promises that this year's Halloween Horror Nights will be different from anything it held in the past.

Other mazes featured alongside “Halloween” this year include “The Horrors of Blumhouse,” “Universal Monsters: Legends Collide,” “Killer Clowns from Outer Space,” “La Lorona: The Weeping Woman,” “Scarecrow: The Reaping” and “Universal Horror Hotel.”