Janet Jackson captured gymnast Margzetta Frazier’s floor routine

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    The UCLA gymnastics team has earned a reputation in recent years for its stellar floor routines, and junior Marzetta Frazier has been at the center of the headlines. In the past year, the athlete made headlines following some of her routines, including voguing and soul-inspired dance moves. Recently, Frazier competed with a routine for Janet Jackson’s music – and the singer liked it so much that she personally thanked the gymnast.

    After a video went viral of Frazier’s viral routine as a sweet story of Jackson’s music, the singer was able to get in touch with the gymnast. During his FaceTime call, captured by TMZ, Jackson emphasizes Frasier’s skills and even asks to be his student:

    “I would love to one day. And if I do, I will teach you. I did it once in the video ‘The Pleasure Principal’ and the way it was shot, people didn’t think it was me, but it was back flipping me. I would love to teach you. Hopefully I won’t break anything. But I just wanted to thank you. Thank you for sharing your talent, it was so beautiful to see you, it was truly inspiring. It inspired me to do more, do better, and be stronger. I loved it, absolutely loved it. […] The next time I meet you in LA and just sit and talk, I would love it.

    Jackson’s words clearly prompted Frazier to “do more, do better, and get stronger” because after his call, Frazier met directly and did his best. As reported by TMZ, Frazier recorded personal bests on both the beam and the vault.

    See Frazier’s regular routine above.


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