Jared Leto and Darren Aronofsky to reunite after 20 years of ‘Rivim for a Dream’

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    The pair are working on a new aquatic thriller ‘Adrift’

    Jared Leto and Darren Aronofsky are set to re-install on an aquatic thriller Adft.

    The pair first worked together 20 years ago Requiem for a Dream, Which earned Leto co-star Ellen Burstyn an Oscar nomination.

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    Adft Koji will be based on a short story of the same name written by Suzuki, who wrote ring.

    Is per Fickle mythThe film will be set at sea, where a fishing boat intercepts an abandoned yacht with a strange distress call.

    “A deckhand agrees to take control alone while taking it into port, but he soon realizes why the rest of his experienced crew members call it ‘Ghost Ship’.”

    The project reportedly began with Leto, who worked to secure the rights for 10 years before contacting Aronofsky directly, and Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions to produce.

    Aronofsky is set to write the film’s screenplay with Luke Dawson.

    There is no release date or production schedule for this Adft Still, Aronofsky will direct for the first time The whale Starring Brendan Fraser. Leto will next star in Zack Snyder Justice League, And Sony’s Marvel film Morbius.

    Last month, Jared Leto said he would not be against re-creating his role as the Joker.

    The actor said that “it’s hard to say no to that character,” and added that it was always “very fun” to step into the “energy” of such a character.

    Leo has previously stated that Joaquin Phoenix-starring felt “isolated and upset” after the release Joker In 2019.

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