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Jason Aldean’s wife is speaking out once again.

Brittany Aldean doesn’t shy away from sharing her political opinions online, often sparking debate with people who disagree with her, but praises those who do.


On Tuesday evening, she once again expressed her opinion on social media — and went on to point out that she isn’t slowing down any time soon.

“My prayer as Mama is that my children are raised in a loving, safe place where they have the potential to grow into the best versions of themselves,” she started with a picture herself, her husband, 44, and their two children: Memphis, 3, and Navy, 2.

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Brittany Aldean, her kids sport anti-Joe Biden clothing on social media

Brittany continued, “The burden of the world we currently live in can be overwhelming to any parent.” “Awful, indeed. I am currently praying for our children, our military, the hospitalized, the frontier, the influential youth, those who stand up for change… just for the right to make their own medical choices. “

She said that thinking about what might happen in the future makes some days “tougher than others”.

Jason Aldean defends his wife, Joe Biden after critics criticized her Instagram post

She continued: “We are stopped several times per day – people thank you for speaking up. You can too. We need you more than ever”

Both have often been critical of Democrats and have worn anti-Biden clothing in public.

Brittany has previously stated that despite the response she gets for what she says online, many people have also reached out to her privately to thank her for her singing.

Jason Aldean says he will ‘never apologize’ for his beliefs when family was criticized for anti-Biden merch

“You’d be really surprised how much support you’ll get. As far as the haters go…. Screw them up,” she insisted. “They are the reason we are where we are. Remember that with every passing comment. We stand with you and support you always.”

Brittany Aldean said she is praying for 'our children, our military, hospitalizations, frontiers, influential youth' and more.

Recently, Britney’s critics were in a frenzy when she posted a photo of herself and her kids wearing anti-Joe Biden clothing.

in picturesOf course, Britney wore a shirt that read “Anti Biden Social Club,” while her younger children’s shirt read, “Hidden from Biden.”

After the post, Aldean swore that he would “never apologize” for expressing his beliefs.