The first full month of the Biden-Harris administration could not have been worse. Boasting, with no embarrassment to deepen the national divide and an embarrassing array of hypocrisy and disintegration, the inefficiency of this administration has been on full display. let’s take a look:

The administration has nothing to show legislative form. The impeachment trails the Democrats 0–2. After the Senate devoted a week to the effort, he went on a week off. After wasting so much time on impeachment, the Senate is lagging in confirming the candidates for administration. And to cap it off, Senate of Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y., left without completing the promised COVID relief bill.

They are more interested in killing them than creating jobs. Among the most far-reaching mistakes was the cancellation of the job-rich Keystone pipeline. This one step would put about 11,000 people out of work, including 8,000 union activists whose unions enthusiastically supported Biden.


They are failing our children. Before assuming office, Biden said he would open the school within his first 100 days. After taking office, the White House changed the goal of opening at least 50% of schools in person learning to one day per week. Comic, but ultimately sad and confusing.

What about the following sciences? The Biden-Harris administration has not endorsed the recommendations of its own CDC, which recommends that schools can open up safely with mitigation strategies.

Over Opinion

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Destruction of the women’s game. Hours after President Biden generally called for unity, he signed an executive order allowing transgender children to participate in all sports, allowing girls and women around the country to succeed in their sport Had to defeat biological men.

Promises made, not kept. Prior to the election, Joe Biden made fun of the overuse of executive orders. Now he sets the record for the number of orders. Not only that, even the New York Times published the editorial in January, titled, “Ease of Executive Functions, Joe.” Now this number has grown to more than 50 executive orders in less than a month.

Despite making another promise that Biden would “fire employees” if they disrespect others, “no, if, and but,” he disobeyed that pledge.

Promises to be the most ethical administration because dinosaurs roamed the Earth just a few days before it broke.

White House press secretary TJ Ducklow allegedly sacked Tara Palmeri of POLITICO saying “I will destroy you” to pursue a story “with Ducklow’s second reporter writing about the White House How the personal relationship would have been. The duck sentence was a week without pay and pardon. Even for fear of the Democrats, Ducklow eventually resigned, but was not fired.

So much for morality. Promises to be the most ethical administration because dinosaurs roamed the Earth just a few days before it broke.

Vice President Harris’s niece, Meena Harris, has sought to capitalize on her aunt’s newfound power. Harris has a book and clothes named after her aunt. Despite the warning from government lawyers, Meena Harris flew for the inauguration on a private jet and showed it on social media. Cashing and flirting is a practice for the Harris family.

Harris questions niece's fashion product conflict

Nevertheless, it compares to President Biden’s family business dealings.

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The president’s son Hunter Biden is under federal investigation and Francis “Frank” Biden, Joe Biden’s brother, is also under a cloud of suspicion. Frank Biden, who is not a lawyer, joined the Burman Law Group, where he continues to explain Frank Biden’s proximity to administration officials and federal lawmakers. In other words, I am the President’s brother, hire us and I can do something for you.

Epidemic failure. Coping with COVID is perhaps the most pressing case in the country. But as he prepares to restart the economy, Biden chooses someone to oversee federal unemployment that loses millions of dollars in pandemic aid to Nigerian fraudsters.

Meanwhile, Biden has imposed travel restrictions on Americans, creating a magnet for illegal immigration. Reports suggest that despite the epidemic, tens of unreleased immigrants are arriving from Mexico and Central America, even testing the rest of us to enter the country.

Full frontal attack on the constitution. The second amendment is already under Biden sowing law and executive orders. The administration’s support for speech restrictions, tech censorship and invasive surveillance does not augur well for the future of independence.

We are only a month into the Biden-Harris administration. The array of scams, incompetence and deception is astounding.

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