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Jason Sudeikis and model Keely Hazel were seen spending time together on a trip to Cabo.

Sudeikis, 46, and Hazel, 35, were caught sharing some intimate moments at the beach during their trip. One picture showed the two with their arms around each other, and another captured the kiss shared between the two.


Sudeikis wore a blue bathing suit and red T-shirt, while Hazel showed off her toned abs in a pink bikini.

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NS”ted lassoThe actor was first linked to Hazel, who also appeared on the TV show back in February. Sources say that the relationship between the two has not been serious.

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An insider recently confirmed that Sudeikis and Hazel were dating again to People magazine.

“They are casually seeing each other again,” source told the outlet, “It’s never been a serious thing. They’re just enjoying each other’s company.”

  Jason and Keely have said that they are only friends, although they have recently been seen hiking together and were first seen together earlier this year.  The relationship is the first since Sudeikis split from longtime partner Olivia Wilde last November.

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The two were photographed sharing PDA during a walk in June. Sudeikis and Hazel were next seen together in September. The pair enjoyed a hike together in Los Angeles.

This is Sudeikis’ first public relationship since his engagement with Olivia Wilde ended in November of 2020. The actor first spoke publicly about the split during an interview with GQ in July.

Sudeikis and Wilde first started dating in 2011 and later got engaged in 2013.  Despite their long-term relationship, the two never married.

“I’ll have a better understanding of why in a year, and a better one than two, and an even bigger one than five, and it will go from being a book of my life to becoming a chapter, a line from a paragraph. From a word to a doodle,” he said.

The Sudeikis and Wilde have two children, Otis and Daisy.