Jason Terry says that all the kids ask him if he is stung by LeBron

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    Jason Terry’s NBA career was a great one, as the 19-year veteran was a prolific shooter and scorer, won the championship at Dowers with the Mavericks and was at the leading end of the three-point shooting revolution in the NBA.

    Terry likely won’t be a Hall of Famer, but his experience in the league can play every role, from starter to sixth man and beyond, which gives him invaluable advice on passing with such youngsters. Therefore, when Terry goes to the camps, he is always ready to answer questions and pass that knowledge on to the next generation of Hoppers. However, unfortunately for Terry, he, like Brandon Knight and more recently Yuta Watanabe, remains one of the all-time great poster dunk highlights in NBA history, when he found himself standing in the paint as LeBron A lobe was caught with the extreme of his physical powers.

    As Terry told Master Tests in the upcoming episode of “Untold Stories” for Bleacher Report, which premieres on Wednesday, the only thing the kids want to ask him is a sting.

    Terry played 1,410 games in his NBA career, won a championship, played with the all-time greats, and is an all-time great shooter himself, but none of that mattered. The power of the highlight means that he is The Guy LeBron Dunked Oblivion for the rest of his life, and in a way, it is not a terrible fate. Sure, you would rather be remembered for the work you did, but in the same vein as Craig Ehlo, you will always be remembered and, if nothing else, some people will see again what you have done in your career. What else did I do?

    Still, if you go to a camp and Jet is there, ask him something else.


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