Jeffrey Wright (who would be a good Batman) to play Batman in a podcast

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    Jeffrey Wright would make one hell of a Batman, and now, he is getting a chance to do exactly that but in a comedy podcast. Which is the next best thing! Batman: Audio Adventures There is a “multi-episode series” that will debut on HBO Max, where it will feature Wright as the voice of the Dark Knight as well as a huge cast of comedy stars. Shanivari Night Live Alms Thought Harley Quinn, Except that you break each other’s knees instead of watching cartoon characters. But there will definitely be laughter in the podcast. Just look at this line-up Hollywood reporter:

    In addition to Wright, the All-Star role call includes Chris Parnell, Melissa Villasenor, Seth Meyers, Brent Spinner, John Leguizamo, Ike Barinholtz, Bobby Moynihan, Kennon Thompson, Rosario Dawson, Jason Pseudis, Alan Tudyk, Heidi Gardner. , Paul Sheher, Tim Meadows, Fred Armen, Ray Wise, Ben Rodgers, Katie Rich, Pete Shultes, Paula Pell, Toby Huss, and [Dennis] McNicholas.

    As to which characters are playing for the cast and who exactly the series is about, this is currently under wraps, but it marks the aggressive expansion of all things HBO Max’s Batman. The streaming service plans to dive even more into Matt Reeves ‘world’ Batman Focusing on Gotham PD with a prequel series, which may also include Wright. The actor is doing double-duty in Gotham, playing the role of Commissioner Gordon in Reeves’ film, but he is not yet associated with the series, after which he received a setback Boardwalk Empire And the Sopranos Veteran Terence Winter walked away from the project with “creative differences”.

    (Via Hollywood reporter)


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