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Jennifer Aniston didn’t want to be crowned rom-com queen two decades ago.

This is why, according to director Peter Chelsom, he turned down the lead role in his 2001 romantic film “Serendipity,” which eventually starred Kate Beckinsale opposite John Cusack.


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The 52-year-old “Morning Show” actress chose the role of Sarah because she was starring in the NBC sitcom “Friends.” Aniston already felt like she was starring in the ongoing rom-com while starring in the hit series, Chelsom, 65, explained to Insider.

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“I clearly remember Jennifer Aniston coming to visit us,” he said. “I remember when she came in, she said, ‘I do a romantic comedy once a week,’ at the time she was on ‘Friends.’ So, she clearly had other things on her plate and it was her It was not a decision not to do that. It was.”

The filmmaker also noted that Aniston met her “in good faith” without making an offer, adding, “We would certainly have made her an offer if she wanted to make it. [the movie]”

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According to Chelsom, “Watchmen” star Carla Gugino also came “extremely close” to being cast, saying her audition was “excellent”.

Since then, though, Aniston has had her fair share of romantic comedies. She plays the love-interest in 2004’s “Along Came Polly,” 2005’s “Rumor Has It,” 2006’s “The Break-Up,” and 2011’s “Just Go With It.”

“Serendipity” tells the story of Jonathan Trager (Cusack), who meets and falls in love with a woman named Sarah during an evening filled with passion. He writes down his phone number on a piece of paper and, by pure coincidence, the wind blows him (of course) into the abyss. Sarah takes this as a bad sign, and the two decide to separate. Select a plot that flirts with serious romances and Hollywood endings.

This article first appeared in the New York Post.