In the wake of Republicans’ efforts to pass tighter voting rules, Jennifer Lawrence lent her star power to a PSA currently advocating for the promotion of the For the People Act in the Senate.

The actress appeared in a video for Representatives in which she speaks out against the GOP’s efforts to tighten voting rules in the wake of the 2020 general election, which saw the party lose a majority in the presidency as well as the Senate.

For example, Texas sought to introduce a controversial bill that would have introduced a raft of election changes that would eliminate drive-thru voting, empower partisan voting watchers and allow the state to vote by mail. will apply the new requirements. The laws are similar to laws passed in Georgia earlier this year that earned the GOP the disdain of many Democrats and celebrities in that state.

In the video, the “Hunger Games” star speaks directly against these efforts by the “radical wing of the Republican Party”.

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“Whatever your personal politics, whatever aisle you find yourself in, you need to know that your vote matters and the results of our elections are not manipulated and manipulated.” she starts. “In Texas, Georgia and Florida and 44 other states, there is a radical wing of the Republican Party that is actively eroding America’s right to vote because they don’t have the numbers to win otherwise.”

She continues: “Without gerrymandering or closing hundreds of voting facilities within reach of minorities, and specifically targeting and carving out people of color, they can’t win. But that’s cheating and it’s not democracy. “

The 30-year-old actress spoke directly in favor of the For the People Act, also known as S1.

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“There is a law in the Senate right now called the For the People Act and it can reverse these anti-voting laws and it can stop billionaires from being able to buy our elections,” she says. “It even says that all voting machines need to be built here in America, but it would put a lot of pressure on us to pass it.”

The bill is the biggest change to US election law in at least a generation and covers many aspects of the voting process, including requiring states to automatically register eligible voters and offering same-day voter registration. is.

The measure also requires states to offer 15 days of early voting and allow absentee voting without excuse, which 14 states would have to implement. States that already allow it will have to conform to the standards of S.1.

“Let’s just make sure they remember what they work for,” Lawrence concluded in his video.

Unfortunately for Lawrence’s efforts, West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin said last week that he would vote against his Democratic allies’ far-reaching election bill because it is too partisan.