Jeremy Bamber ‘didn’t pull trigger’ in White House Farm murders, pal claims

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He has already served 35 years in prison for the gruesome slaughter of five members of his own family, but Jeremy Bamber has always defended his innocence..

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Now Bamber’s childhood friend makes the sensational claim that the convicted murderer committed his dirty deed and shot his parents, Neville and June, both 61, sister Sheila Caffel, 24, and her six-year-old twins Daniel and Nicolas. A hitman may have been hired.

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Jeremy Bamber in 1986, facing a murder chargecredit: Alamy
Bamber's childhood friend Brett Collins believes he hired a hitman to kill his family

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Bamber’s childhood friend Brett Collins believes he hired a hitman to kill his familycredit: Sky

In August 1985, Bamber was sentenced to life in prison for ill-fated slaughter at the White House farm in the village of Tolshunt d’Arcy, Essex.


But pal Brett Collins, who initially believed Bamber was innocent and later changed his mind, still believes he was unable to pull the trigger himself.

Speaking on Sky Crime’s new documentary The Bombers: Murder at the Farm, which airs tonight, he says: “After not being sure for a long time, I think he did. But I don’t think so. He could pull the trigger on all those people.

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“I think he must have paid someone to do it, hired mercenaries to do the job, that kind of job, and wouldn’t have been involved at all.”

They say that Jeremy, who was the heir to the £435,000 estate – about £1.3 million today – would have had no trouble finding a hitman in nearby Colchester.

“In Colchester, there’s a huge contingency of people retired and kicked out of the military and going for specialty jobs and cash business,” he says.

“He used to get marijuana or cocaine from some of them. They all looked pretty much the same, lots of tattoos and mean looks… I think he did an ex-army hire as a business deal. Because he’s that kind of guy. If he’s got the cash, he’ll pay the money.”

Model Sheela was initially blamed for the murders, who was suspected of shooting her 61-year-old parents and their sleeping children before shooting herself.

But Malcolm Fletcher, the prosecutor’s own firearms expert, appears to support Brett’s theory, stating that whoever shot the gun had “the experience and the coolness.”

“At night, a total of 25 shots were fired,” he says.

“In terms of being able to get 25 hits out of 25, it’s quite difficult.

I think he must have paid someone to do it, hired mercenaries… and wouldn’t have involved

Brett Collins

“In Daniel’s case, there were five shots in the back of the head, to the left, in a very clean line, close enough together, as if they were fired one after the other, quite calmly and calmly.

“I think it would suggest that there was a certain amount of experience and coolness to performing like this.”

dead bodies found in remote farmhouse

In the early hours of 6 August 1985, Bamber called the police and told them that he had received a panic-stricken call from Dad Neville, who told him that Sheila had “goed berserk” with guns.

The aspiring model suffered from schizophrenia and had spent time in a mental health institution prior to the incident.

Bamber – whom the family adopted as a child – met with officers at the home, saying that her sister was a “nutter” who knew how to use guns.

Police found Neville’s body in his pajamas next to an upturned chair in the kitchen. Eight bullets had been fired on his head and face.

June lay dead in her nightdress, on the floor of her bedroom and Sheila was next to her, two bullets shot from under her chin and a rifle beside her.

In another bedroom, twins were found dead, both with gunshot wounds to the head.

Sheila Kaffel was originally suspected of murder-suicide

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Sheila Kaffel was originally suspected of murder-suicidecredit: Rex
Panic erupts in family home in Essex

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Panic erupts in family home in Essexcredit: PA: Press Association
Sheila and her mother with twins

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Sheila and her mother with twinscredit: collect

Conspiracy to murder since 18 months

Former friend Brett says that Bamber was obsessed with money and was a “Flash Joe” who lived beyond his means.

“He talked about getting rid of the car his parents got. It was a brand new car but he hated it, he wanted a Porsche,” he says.

“Some people who liked that sort of thing would magnetize it, but if they saw the other side of it, oh my god. He had this streak of destruction inside him where he wasted his whole name, personality, everything. and people would say ‘He’s a lunatic. Get rid of him.'”

Initially believing the murder-suicide theory, police missed vital evidence, including a blood-soaked gun silencer, which was later found by cousin David Boutflor in a cupboard under the stairs.

Although DNA evidence was not available at the time, blood group A splatters were found to match Sheela but none of the other victims.

But the discovery – which suggested keeping the silencer in a cupboard after the murder – led to doubts about the bomber.

Questions were also raised over his strange behavior at the family funeral, where he seemed inconsolable while the news cameras went on, but later cracked jokes with the mourners.

Colin Caffel, Sheila’s ex-husband and father of the slain twins, said: “Jeremy started cracking jokes and laughing… [about how] He couldn’t wait to be back home with Julie [Mugford, his then girlfriend] And have some fun.”

He also went to Amsterdam with friends after the funeral, where he took a large amount of drugs, and quickly began selling off the family’s property, including his father’s car.

Bamber also approached, posing topless photos of her dead sister for £20,000 – which was denied.

A month later, after splitting up with Bamber, Julie went to the police and revealed that he had been plotting to kill his family for 18 months, eager to get his hands on his inheritance.

Julie told the police that she had called him on the night of the murder to say “it’s tonight or never” and she called back at 3 a.m. and told her: “There’s something wrong with the farm. I can’t sleep all night.” I.”

Jeremy Bamber, with his girlfriend Julie Mugford at their family funeral - after killing him in his sleep

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Jeremy Bamber, with his girlfriend Julie Mugford at their family funeral – after killing him in his sleepcredit: Rex Features
Neville and June adopted two children

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Neville and June adopted two childrenCredits: Anglia Press Agency Ltd.
Two women die in bedroom

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Two women die in bedroomcredits: channel 4
Upturned chairs in the kitchen suggest conflict

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Upturned chairs in the kitchen suggest conflictcredit: Sky

Claims of innocence ‘fantasy’ and ‘nonsense’

Bamber was found guilty of five murders and sentenced to at least 25 years in prison.

The judge, Justice Drake, described him as “evil, almost beyond belief”.

Bamber has always insisted that he is innocent and, in 2001, the Court of Appeals examined new evidence using advanced DNA technology to test the blood in Silencer, alleging that Essex Police tried to implicate him. Evidence tampered with and destroyed.

Although Sheila’s DNA was not found on the silencer, the appeals judges heard that Neville Bamber, a powerful man of 6 feet 4 inches, had a broken jaw and that when he died, there were multiple abrasions, suggesting a violent conflict. .

Sheela had suffered no other injuries except two bullets in her throat, which suggests that she could not have attacked her father.

The court upheld the conviction, with the judges saying they were even more convinced that the original ruling was correct.

But many of Bamber’s supporters – including former policeman Mark Williams-Thomas and human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell – told the documentary that they believe his sentence could be one of the UK’s “greatest miscarriages of justice”. Is.

“There is no direct evidence that Jeremy has been held at home for committing these crimes,” Mark says.

“For Jeremy to kill Sheila Caffel and everyone else, he has to lay her down on the floor, put the rifle on his chest, under his chin, and shoot him twice. Crazy, absolutely insane.

“In 2001, the silencers were checked for DNA and they did not find any DNA trace of Sheila Kaifel.

“So there is no evidence to support that the silencer was ever on the gun.”

But senior investigative officer Mike Ainsley, who led the murder investigation, says the police corruption allegations leveled by Bamber and his supporters are “fictitious” and “fake nonsense.”

“I was interviewed at Hendon for two or three days and I submitted answers to all the allegations, which were all lies,” he says.

And he ruled out any possibility of any other suspects being involved in the killings.

“His supporters come with the most imaginary bullshit and bullshit I’ve ever heard in my life, but they’re also not saying there was a third party involved,” he said.

“His side is saying that it was Sheela. Sheila was not there. We proved that it was not Sheela. It was Jeremy Bamber. “

The Bambers: Murder at the Farm is out tonight at 10PM on Sky Crime and also streaming on NOW TV.

the twins were murdered on their bed

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the twins were murdered on their bedcredit: collect
Jeremy, pictured in 2011, is still protesting his innocence

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Jeremy, pictured in 2011, is still protesting his innocencecredits: PA

How Jeremy Bamber went ‘child-sad’ at the funeral of the slain family, exposing them to his cold-blooded killer

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