Jill Duggar Reveals Why She Freezes Her Son’s Stuffed Animals

The Duggar family became famous for their unique lifestyle. As Jill Duggar Dillard grew up and started her own family, fans were curious to see how she would raise her children. Jill has been open to her followers about raising her sons Samuel and Israel David with husband Derrick Dillard. Now, she has revealed why she hoards Samuel’s stuffed animals.

Duggar Family's Jill Duggar Dillard (L) and husband Derrick Dillard go 'extra' at their New York studio
Jill Duggar Dillard and Husband Derrick Dillard | D Deepasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Why does Jill Duggar freeze stuffed animals?

Cool things like grapes or candy are pretty normal for your kids, but stuffed animals? Not so much. But Jill has a way of making up for her madness.

“So, I’m freezing Sam’s stuffies again,” she said to him. instagram stories. “I should have done this [already]handjob [it’s] Long pending. He has allergies, as I said earlier. Their allergist recommended that I freeze their stuff or you can put them in the dryer. But sometimes I feel like the dryer is a little harsh on them, so I freeze them.”

Jill then filmed herself cradling the animals.

“I put them in bags to keep moisture in while they’re in the freezer,” she wrote on the video.

Does Jill even wash stuffed animals?

Jill not only freezes Sam’s stuffed animals, but also washes them.

“We can wash most items (and drying will kill dust mites too) but to cut down on washing and drying them until they fall apart, Allergist recommends freezing them for a few days. of,” she wrote on her story.

This time the mother of two froze the stuffed animals because her son was having a reaction.

“[Sam] Red eyes, red itchy eyes, woke up this morning with sneezing. I was working in his room, going through some clothes, and I went to the garage and took out some new stuff and forgot to wash the stuff I took out,” she said. “So, I went ahead and washed everything today—the amount of clothes I was sizing up and all that. So, hopefully, this helps, but it was a good reminder for me to go ahead and do my other stuff.” Let me freeze it, kill all the dust bunnies like their allergist.

Meanwhile, Jill gives her son some medicine to help with the reaction.

“I gave him more of his allergy medicine this morning,” she said. “So, Sam has just like a chart dust allergy. It was like, the one thing he said was pretty bad, so hopefully he gets better.”

Are Jill Duggar Dillard and Derrick Dillard any closer to the rest of the Duggars?

Although the fans met Jill for the first time 19 kids and counting, when she was staying at the house of her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, she did not return to their home for years because there are “too many triggers” in the house.

“There’s something wrong,” Jill said in a YouTube video. “We are not on the best of terms with some of our family members. We have some disagreements and baggage, but we are definitely working towards healing and restoration. But we just have to take some time off and recover. Will happen.”

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