Rep. Jim jordan, R-Ohio, accused accused democrats of second-rate because they want to strip Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green of her committee’s works.

House Democrats moved a motion to remove Georgia Republicans from their seats on the Education and Budget committees on their earlier suggestion that school shootings could occur and embrace other intrigues. Senate Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell called these principles “cancer” on the party.

Jordan told “Granthshala News @ Night” that he did not believe that Green should lose his hands. He It is unfair that Democrats believe they can tell Republicans how to avoid these committee actions.

Omar calls to return to ‘credit recovery payment’

He He also said he thinks the public is getting tired of second-rate status, where Democrats try to portray Republicans as provocative. He Last summer, Democrats spoke less of how to speak out against the riots. He Didn’t mention anyone’s name, but Rep. Ayan Pressley, D-Mass., Said in August that there should be “disturbance in the streets”.

“Make a phone call, send an email, show up,” he said at the time. “You know, as long as there is unrest in our lives, there should be unrest in the streets.”

Jordan made it clear that Republicans condemned the riots in the Capitol last month, but said his party “condemned everything that happened last summer.”

A proposed GOP-supported amendment to measure calls for Green’s ouster calls Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Min., Was removed from his committee assignment “in the light of conduct,” Granthshala News Congress correspondent Chad Pergram reported.

In the amendment, Republicans argue that Omar made anti-Semitic remarks that are the basis for the dismissal.