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“Fox Across America” ​​host Jimmy Falla praised the “solid burn” for Elon Musk while responding to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s complaint about the proposed monthly Twitter fee for “blue-check” accounts. On “Fox and Friends First” Thursday, Fala lit up Ocasio-Cortez for claiming that the proposed $8 fee contradicts Musk’s push for free speech.

AOC complains that its Twitter account isn’t working ‘conveniently’ after feud with CEO Elon Musk


Jimmy spread: this is a solid burn. However, there was a better burn to make. The better burn was, ‘Yo, AOC, you tweeted this from your Tesla.’ She drives a Tesla. thinking about him. She’s walking around in a white Tesla and telling us that Tesla’s owner is Satan, who is insane. But what was funny and revealing about his tweet was his line, ‘Okay, this billionaire is telling us that free speech costs $8.’ And it’s not really an argument. Free speech is still free. she is too dumb to know the difference between speaking and Being a verified speaker. $8 was not for joining Twitter.