“Jofra Archer is the most efficient fast bowler in world cricket” – Ashish Nehra

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    Ashish Nehra has called Joffra Archer the most skilled fast bowler in world cricket at the moment.

    Jofra Archer gave out two early setbacks to Team India in the first innings of the Chennai Test against England by dismissing both Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill. Then at the end of the third day’s play, Dom Bass took the next four wickets to reduce the hosts to 257/6.

    During a discussion on Star Sports about the bowling performance of the audience, Ashish Nehra and VVS Laxman praised Jofra Archer’s efforts. Nehra rated the England fast bowler in comparison to Kagiso Rabada, Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc and Jaspreet Bumrah in terms of their skills.

    “Kagiso Rabada, Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Jasprit Bumrah are all amazing bowlers, but for me Joffra Archer is the most efficient fast bowler in world cricket. He Speed ​​is; He has a strong bouncer and the way he bowls close to the stumps, “Nehra said.”

    Nehra saw that Joffra Archer made the best use of the pitch position on Chepak. The former Indian fast bowler noticed that 25-year-old Virat Kohli had an uncomfortable position with short pitches, even on a quiet pitch.

    He said, “The way they bowled leg-cutters, if India had batted first, they would not have got as much help from the pitch, but they know that variations are needed. The way they have done this on the pitch as well Bowled a bouncer to Kohli. It shows the capabilities and abilities of this bowler, “Nehra said.

    “Bounce Jofra Archer has great problems for batsmen” – VVS Laxman

    Jofra Archer is playing his first Test in the subcontinent.

    Talking about Rohit Sharma’s dismissal, VVS Laxman reported that Joffra Archer’s bouncy bounce knocked the Indian opener out of the crease, leading to his downfall.

    He said, “He makes it very difficult for the batsmen. If a similar ball was bowled by James Anderson, Rohit Sharma could play him on the front foot, but because Archer is tall and a hit-deck bowler. There is extra bounce from the back of a length, so you are forced to play with the back foot, ”said Laxman.

    The former Indian batsman also praised Jofra Archer for his impeccable line and length bowling in his first Test in the subcontinent.

    He said, “And then the way he uses the crease, one delivery wide from the crease and another close to the stump. When you bowl close to the stump with high-arm action with good wrist positioning, So the batsman is forced. To play. You need to give him credit as he is playing in India for the first time, but that line and length can upset any batsman, “concluded Laxman.

    Jofra Archer has been the most dangerous bowler in the Chennai Test. While his first mantra was extraordinary, as the third day progressed, he felt a drop in speed.

    Nevertheless, with the tourists arriving on the climb, the Barbados-born speedster will be back in full on the fourth morning and outrun the host team.

    Published 07 February 2021, 23:46 CET

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