John Deere expert predicts increase in battery-powered lawn mower demand

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Might we Americans see more electric-powered lawn mowers in the near future?

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As more battery-powered home improvement products make their way to market, John Deere’s mass channel business manager Sean Sundberg predicted in a recent interview with Fox News Digital that battery-powered riding lawn mowers, specifically, could be getting some serious attention.

“It’s a great trend,” he said, sharing his opinion. “We’ll see the adoption curve escalate rapidly… It’s simplicity of use with the machine.”


For the average consumer who may be moving half an acre of grass, Sundberg said he’s optimistic the machine will be reliable.

“I don’t think there will be any durability issues,” he said.

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“You plug it in, you go take care of your business… just like you normally would with a fuel-option machine. So it’ll be very similar in operation and I think the performance will be there as well.”

For larger property owners, having the right machine and trusting that it can get the job done is important, which all comes down to finding the right battery with enough power.

There’s already been a greater transition in the home improvement space to battery-powered machines, including walk-behind mowers and hand-held tools.

,[We’ve] definitely seen an adoption rate increasing rapidly in the consumer space,” Sundberg said. “Because it is super easy.”

A John Deere executive predicted the demand for electric lawn mowers will “rapidly escalate.”

A handful of brands such as EGO, Skil and Kobalt have released electric products like leaf blowers, weed whackers and power saws.

The John Deere expert said the increased interest in battery-powered tools is due to its simplicity, since there’s no messing around with fuel — saving today’s consumer a few extra bucks at the pump.

Sundberg hinted that even though John Deere does not currently have any battery-powered tools on the market, there may be a few models coming down the road.

“We do not have a battery-powered machine in the market … yet,” he said.

John Deere does not currently offer an electric-powered lawn mowers.
John Deere does not currently offer an electric-powered lawn mower.

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Kristen Altus of FOX Business contributed to this report.


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