John Lennon never paid Frank Zappa to co-write this song

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    John Lennon and Frank Zappa were both classic rock icons, however, they were not always together. For example, Zappa was disappointed when John didn’t pay him to help him produce a song. Here’s a look at the construction of the song and the connection between John and Zappa.

    John Lennon | Ron Howard / Redferns

    How John Lennon Wanted to Be Like Frank Zappa

    Many musicians would love to be like John. However, John wanted to be a bit more like Zappa. Generation S. of Rolling Stone. Headlined during an interview with Weiner Lennon remembers, John revealed how angry he was that people understood George Harrison as a philosopher and Paul McCartney as a musician and did not understand his place in The Beatles. He Wishing to be like Jappa, someone who proudly proclaims himself a “f * ckin ‘artist” regardless of his attitude to other people.

    John got to work with Zappa. According to Ultimate classic rock, Zappa introduced John to a journalist. The journalist expected Zappa to be shocked by the opportunity to meet John. However, Zappa was calm at the prospect of meeting John. After all, he was not a fan of The Beatles – he only enjoyed “Paperback Writer,” “Strawberry Fields Forever,” and “I’m the Walrus”.

    “Paperback Writer”

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    How John Lennon Troubled Frank Zappa

    According to Ultimate classic rock, When he met Zappa, he showed his trademark humor. “And we used to sit around and talk, and I think the first thing he said to me was, ‘You’re not as ugly as I explain to you.’ So anyway, I felt they had a very good sense of humor so I invited them to come down and jam with us at the Fillmore East. We had already booked in a recording truck as we were launching Live in fillmore Album at the time. “

    However, Zappa was not completely satisfied with his experience working with John. “The bad part is, there’s a song I wrote ‘King Kong’ that we played that night, and I don’t know if it was Yoko’s idea or John’s idea, but they renamed the song to ‘Jamrag’ . “Credited myself writing and publishing on it, stuck it on an album and never paid me,” Zappa said. “It was clearly not a jam session song: it’s a raga, it’s a The bass line is; It is clearly an organized song. A bit disappointing. “


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    How did the world react to ‘Jamrag’

    A live version of “Jamrag” will appear on John and Yoko’s live album Sometime in New York City. The album peaked at number 48 Billboard 200. Considering John released some number 1 albums Imagine, Walls and bridges, And Double fantasy, Some time in new york city It was not one of his major hits. Also, “Jamrag” is definitely not one of John’s more famous post-Beatles tracks. However, “Jamrag” is still a fascinating collaboration between the two avant-garde composers.

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