Johns Hopkins professor and surgeon says the coronovirus may be “mostly gone” by April.

Marty Makari, who teaches at the University’s School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health, said An opinion piece On Friday, the Wall Street Journal published that daily transitions had dropped 77 percent since January.

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“There is reason to think that the country is running towards an extremely low level of infection,” Makari wrote. “As more people have been infected, most of whom have mild or no symptoms, fewer Americans remain to be infected. In the current trajectory, I expect COVIDs to last mostly by April, leaving Americans with normal Life will be allowed to resume. “

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Vaccination and the greater number of people who have already been infected in the US – more than 28 million – may contribute to herd immunity in the spring, Makari said.

The White House and other experts have not been as optimistic, with some saying that herd immunity may not occur until much later in the year.

Swarm immunity occurs when enough people become immune to a virus, ending its spread. Makary also said that it would protect new strains of coronavirus from spreading.

“When the chain of transmission of the virus has broken in many places, it is difficult to spread – and contains new strains,” he said.