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Josh Duggar’s child pornography trial began Tuesday with a jury selection, and just hours before the disgraced star appears in court, his lawyers filed legal documents that attempt to prevent a witness from testifying further. .

In a supplementary brief filed on November 30, Duggar’s lawyers requested that “any further testimony” be barred from witness Bobby Holt. The request comes a day after Holt testified at an evidence hearing held Monday, where Josh’s father, Jim Bob Duggar, also took the stand.


“Testimony given by the parties at the Evidence Hearing suggests that any statements made by Duggar or Jim Bob Duggar to Bobby Holt and/or Jim Holt were made in their capacity as spiritual advisor with the expectation that Communication will be kept confidential.

“As such, any such statement is protected from disclosure by clergy privilege and, therefore, Duggar respectfully requests that this Court restrain the Government from receiving any further testimony from Bobby regarding these alleged interactions,” stated in the documents.

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Josh Duggar requests stay on witness testimony citing ‘clergy privilege’: Live Updates

Josh’s attorneys Justin Gelfand and Travis Storey claimed it was “undeniable” that Jim Holt and Jim Bob Duggar were “church elders of the Bible Grace Fellowship Church” and that Bobe “attended the session with her husband and members of the church.” To provide spiritual guidance on a regular basis.”

He explains that Monday’s testimony discussed a meeting between the parties that included a discussion of allegations involving Josh “initiated by a phone call from Jim Bob to Jim—which, in addition to the church’s grown-up, was a There was also an ordained minister and a pastor.”

“Bobby testified that when Jim Bob called Jim to schedule a meeting, he overheard the conversation on speakerphone. Jim Bob testified that the purpose of his call was for Duggar to receive spiritual guidance,” the document says. Huh.

Josh Duggar child pornography test: Everything to know

Additionally, court documents state that Bobby “testified that approximately two years after that initial meeting, his family invited the Duggars to stay at their home in Little Rock.” Bobby testified that “she wanted to give spiritual advice to Duggar,” and she did so even after her husband, Jim Holt, “slept,” according to the documents.

Josh Duggar, 33, is facing two counts of downloading and possessing child pornography.  He has pleaded not guilty.

Josh’s lawyers claim that the testimony “makes it clear that Jim Bob, and by extension, Duggar—who allegedly “confessed” (the characterization of Bobby) when he was a child—reasonably believed that Jim and Bobby were both spiritual leaders of the church.

On Tuesday, Josh was seen entering the John Paul Hammerschmidt Federal Courthouse in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

In a video shared to Twitter At his entrance to the court, 33-year-old Josh can be seen wearing a navy suit. He was holding the hand of his wife, who was wearing a black dress. Both had covered their faces.

The reality star’s child pornography trial begins on Tuesday with jury selection.

Duggar was arrested in Arkansas in late April.  US marshals "assisted" in the arrest.

He is facing two counts of downloading and possessing child pornography. He has pleaded not guilty. If convicted on all counts, Duggar faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 in each case.

Fines can total up to $500,000.

the passion was Arrested in Arkansas end of April. US marshals “assisted” in the arrest. He had never been charged with a crime before, but he was accused of molesting several young women, some of whom were his younger sisters.

TLC drawn In 2015 “19 Kids and Counting” on the revelation that Josh had molested four of his sisters and a babysitter. Josh’s parents said that he confessed to making love and apologized.