“The View” co-hosts Joey Behar and Sunny Hostin admitted Thursday that the police officer who shot Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus, Ohio, on Tuesday instead of using Bryant’s knife to “de-escalate” “Had opted for” lethal force. “

Behar suggested that officers could only fire their guns in the air at the age of 16, rather than aiming at it.

“He “The police had no choice … and my feeling is that I don’t know if this is true or not,” Behar said. It seems to me … in one situation … I’ve looked at the tape and I still can’t figure it out. Shoot the gun in the air, warn, calm a person, shoot them in the leg, shoot them from behind. Stop them somehow. But if killing a teenager is the only solution, then there is something wrong with it. “

“Even if the police had to do it, there is something wrong with it,” he said. “I can’t explain it better … We keep talking about it again and again and the kids still shoot.”

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Interim Columbus Police Chief Michael Woods may have been killed by an unknown reporter asking if Columbus officers could shoot Brian, rather than aiming for Center Mass.

“Can an officer shoot the leg, can they shoot somewhere that will not result in a fatal wound?” The reporter asked.

Woods explained that officers are not trained to shoot the leg because it is too small.

CNN ANCHORS announced college education as the “School of Fight” at a number of dyeing shops.

Hostin, however, agreed with Behr that the officer in question had multiple options and that he exists within US policing to pursue questions to suggest systemic racism.

“My question is, why is deadly force always the first order of trade and especially the first order of trade for Black and Brown people in this country?” He asked.

“We should not live in a country, quite frankly, where it is acceptable for the police to shoot four times a 16-year-old in a brawl,” Hostin said. “It goes from zero to execution, very quickly when a Black or Brown person is involved. That’s just the truth.”

Several media outlets have carried forward the same narrative this week, whether it is identifying a Columbus officer’s race or misleading readers and viewers that Bryant was unarmed when police arrived at the scene.

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NBC News has been working to extinguish the fire, for editing a 911 call to drop the mention of a stab, and for failing to show the portion of body camera footage that showed Bryant stabbing another young woman with a knife. Was caught tattooing from