Juan Manuel Correa Spa Frankocharps agreed to return to racing after accident

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    No one in the world of racing will forget that terrible day during the 2019 Spa Francorchamps Grand Prix. Juan Manuel Correia and Antoine Herbert were running straight into turn number two when another car began to spin on the track, causing drivers to slam the brakes to take out the spinning vehicle.

    Herbert corrected to avoid contact, but was unable to take control of his car and slammed into the barricade. Juan Manuel Correa, right around the corner, causing more clutter in Herberts’ car.

    The unfortunate day in Belgium is one of the worst days in modern formula racing. Despite the progress made to make the sport more safe for drivers, Formula Racing lost one of its brightest upcoming drivers. Herbert lost his life in an accident at the Spa Francocharps circuit and Correa was seriously injured.

    Juan Manuel Correia was immediately taken to the nearest medical facility for treatment. He She had to undergo several surgeries to repair the damage to her leg from the accident. Now, after more than 20 operations and over a year and half of rehab, Juan Manuel Correa is set to return to racing.

    Juan Manuel Correa joins ART Grand Prix

    The young driver will be part of the ART Grands Prix team for the upcoming season.

    “First of all, I’m glad to be back after everything I’m doing,” Juan Manuel Correa said. “I am grateful to ART Grand Prix; it means a lot to me that they are believing in me and my return. F3 is a transition year, my dream is still to reach F1 and this is my return. The first step. “

    Everyone around Formula Racing will be happy to see him back and must do everything to help Juan achieve his goal of driving one day in F1.

    Published 04 February 2021 04:59 AM

    Formula Renault Pierre Gasly


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