Judge concerned by patient using online hormone medication to transition

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Concerns have been raised after a judge revealed that a patient at the center of proceedings in a specialist court, who is transitioning a woman after the birth of a man, is using a hormone drug found online.

Mr Justice Hayden is considering the case during a hearing in the Court of Conservation, where judges make decisions about people who may lack the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves.

The judge heard how the woman, who now uses the pronoun “he/she” and is in her 20s and lives in northern England, had suffered a brain injury and was referred to caregivers after rehabilitation. lived together.

He expressed concern at the latest hearing in London and said it was in the best interest of a woman to use a banned drug by a specialist.

Lawyers representing a council responsible for the woman’s care told the judge how the staff learned she was using a drug originating from Eastern Europe.

Mr Justice Hayden did not order the woman to stop using the drug or using the Internet.

But he said caregivers should clarify their concerns about “illegal” drug use.

He is due to reconsider the matter in further hearings in the near future.

The judge, who is based in London and also hears cases in the High Court’s Family Division, said the woman could not be identified in media reports.

He said the report should not state where she lived in northern England, if that description created an information puzzle that could lead people to identify her.

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