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A federal judge has ordered two lawyers, who filed a class action lawsuit alleging the 2020 presidential election, more than $180,000 in attorney fees from Donald Trump to defendants Dominion Voting Systems, Facebook and others. was stolen to pay, saying the lawsuit was for manipulating the “trustworthy”. members of the public” and helped fuel the January 6 Uprising in the US Capitol.


NS Now dismissed lawsuit relies on baseless conspiracy theories Spread by the former president and his supporters. It nominated elected officials in four swing states, Facebook and the Denver-based Dominion, whose election machines were at the center of some of the most fiery speculation.

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US Magistrate Judge N. reed neuter ruled in August that attorney Gary D. Fielder and Ernest J. Walker should pay the penalty. Monday’s order of the neuter, First reported by Colorado Politics, Awarded the individual fee – but he withheld the awards pending the appeal of the dismissed suit at the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver.

The penalties included $62,930 to Dominion and $50,000 to Facebook after the suit allegedly censored conservative voices in the run-up to the election.

FILE – A protester drives a truck with the words “Stop Stealing the Election!”

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Neureiter scolded the lawyers, saying they would appeal for public donations to hire legal experts for their case, although no one was hired, and the rebellion in the US Capitol was repeated by lies. .

He said the suit reiterated “unverified and untested defamation rumors that strike the heart of our democratic system and are used by others to incite violent rebellion that threatens our system of government.”

Repeated audits and recalculations in the presidential election did not find any significant fraud. Trump’s own administration said the election was fair, Still, Trump and his allies filed dozens of lawsuits. They eventually lost more than 50 electoral cases.

Fielder and Walker were not associated with other Trump lawyers. They argued in court that they were trying to protect democracy.

Telephone messages and emails seeking comment from Fielder and Walker on Wednesday were not immediately returned.