Two attorneys who went to court to claim voter fraud after the 2020 election will have to pay defendants nearly US$180,000, a federal magistrate judge ordered on Monday, saying their case The aim of which is “to molest gullible members of the public and incite public unrest”.

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US District Court Magistrate Judge N. Reed is added to the order of the neuter Condemnation of the Federal Judiciary About attempts by lawyers supporting then-US President Donald Trump to use the courts to stifle right-wing conspiracies in the days following the presidential election.

Attorneys Gary D. Fielder and Ernest John Walker paid attorneys fees to Facebook (now Meta) $50,000, Dominion Voting Systems about $63,000, Tech & Civic Life’s nonprofit Center about $63,000, over $6,000 in attorney fees Will happen. About $5,000 to the state of Pennsylvania and the state of Michigan.


“They need to take responsibility for their misconduct,” Neureiter wrote in his order, adding that the lawsuit discredited the defendants.

He continued: “I believe that instead of the legitimate use of the legal system for redressal of redressable grievances, this litigation was used to manipulate gullible members of the public and incite public unrest.” To that extent, this lawsuit has been an abuse. Interference with the legal system and machinery of the government. For all these reasons, I think a significant sanction deserves award.”

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The lawsuit from late December 2020 was an attempt on behalf of US voters to create a class action challenge to the election, which involved eight named plaintiffs. Neureiter previously wrote a sharp 68 page opinion Condemnation of the post-election trial

The plaintiffs had no lawyers or experts able to support their claims of switched votes and government conspiracy, the judge said, calling the trial “a giant conspiracy theory.”

Neureiter’s earlier ruling was the first major consequence for lawyers and litigants in federal court, who pushed Trump’s attempt to undermine the 2020 election result in court. Other courts are still considering penalties for other lawyers involved in pro-Trump lawsuits.

in August, A federal judge in Michigan approves pro-Trump lawyers Sidney Powell and Lynn Wood, as well as several other attorneys, ordered him to reimburse attorneys’ fees that the city of Detroit and Michigan state officials had paid in seeking sanctions. The judge said lawyers working on Trump-aligned lawsuits to challenge the election results had “engaged in litigation practices” that were “outrageous and, in turn, sanctioned.”