Attention thrill seekers: the hunt is on.

Universal Orlando’s latest thrill ride, Jurassic World: VelociCoaster, officially opens Thursday. The theme park has been allowing riders to preview rides since last month, but Thursday officially opened its teeth!

Crowds had already gathered to see the new coaster. Universal Parks News Today reported that the line was backed up to go for the King Kong ride.

According to Universal’s app, the waiting time to open was 3 hours.

Photos from Universal Park News Today


Photos from Universal Park News Today


Universal Orlando Resort The first thrill ride was described as “a series of intense maneuvers that would send guests over 70 mph and the fastest with prehistoric predators more than 150 feet in the air.”

From the moment you enter, riders will be confronted by Velociraptors from the blockbuster “Jurassic World” movies—including fan-favorites Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo—as well as engaging in a hunt with ferocious packs in an epic, high-end Preparing to happen. -Speed ​​coaster chase.

  • Guests will be able to peek into the raptor paddock as they exit the queue – and see the prey they’re about to uncover before their very eyes. Red flashing lights and loud thunder will draw guests to a collection of adjacent windows, where they’ll watch the physical coaster roar at exhilarating speeds of 70 mph with the Raptor pack in hot pursuit.
  • Next in line is the stables, where the smell of wet dirt and vegetation from the paddock permeates the air, meaning velociraptors are nearby. Here, they’ll meet Delta and Echo, who will scan the room, studying the riders as they pass by—sometimes testing the limits of the grooming stations they currently have. This awe-inspiring moment will be guests’ first encounter with a raptor – and they’ll be so close, guests will even feel their breath.
  • Then, the hunt officially begins as the guests drive away and embark on an intense coaster adventure where they narrowly escape Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo as they twist, turn and travel through the paddock. Climb.

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Rider Tip: A member of the VelociCoaster team told Granthshala 35 News that riding in the front row offers the best views, but you’ll feel the twists and turns of the ride much more in the back row. He also said to make sure you keep your hands in the air during the barrel roll!

The line is expected to be very long. Make sure to have some water on you while you wait because Orlando will hit a lot of sunshine in the mid-90s today, says Kristin Gianas, a meteorologist on the Granthshala 35 Storm Team.

And if you need a snack after churning on the ride, Universal Parks News Today said team members are handing out free churros outside the attraction’s exits.

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