Just Stop Oil activists who targeted Girl with a Pearl Earring painting jailed

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Two of the three Belgian climate activists who attacked the Johannes Vermeer painting Girl with a Pearl Earring He was sentenced to two months in jail during a hearing in a fast track court last week.

Three men are on trial after sticking their foreheads in the glass of a 17th-century masterpiece at a museum in The Hague.

45-year-old Wouter Mouton, who glued his forehead to the painting, and Peter G, who filmed it, were sentenced at a hearing on Wednesday.

The third person, who did not agree to the fast-track hearing, will go to trial on Friday. He was accused of sticking his hand on the wall next to the painting.

The protest by three people who were part of Just Stop Oil Belgium was to draw attention to the ongoing climate crisis. A series of similar protests have gripped parts of the world where climate activists are attacking famous artworks to highlight the issues.

Last month, activists sprinkled soup on Vincent van Gogh Sunflower Mashed potatoes smeared over a Claude Monet painting in London and in Germany. In June, a man laid a piece of cake on top of Mona Lisa At the Louvre in Paris.

During the hearing, the magistrate said he feared he might repeat the action if the activists were left waiting to hear their appeal, but did not give a longer sentence, saying that others would be discouraged from protesting. .

The public prosecutor had sought four months’ imprisonment along with a two-month suspension.

“Isn’t it ironic that climate activists who oppose nonviolently the mass slaughter of life on Earth are being condemned?” Just Stop Oil Belgium said in a statement.

On 27 October, two men seen wearing Just Stop Oil T-shirts were captured in a video, with one of them sticking his head to the painting glass, while the other sticking his hand to the wall. A third man was seen pouring soup from a tin can over the man who had glued his head.

“How do you feel when you see something beautiful and priceless being destroyed before your eyes,” said one protester. “This painting is safer than glass but the future of our children is not secure.”

The Museum in The Hague, Mauritius said: “The art is defenseless and we strongly condemn any attempt to damage it for any reason.”

“Luckily the painting … was not damaged.”

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