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An attorney representing Caitlin Armstrong, an Austin woman accused of killing a young cyclist in May before fleeing to Costa Rica, says the murder suspect will be acquitted if her case goes to trial.

“I expect this: The government’s own evidence will acquit Caitlin Armstrong. They just haven’t seen it,” Rick Coffer, a partner at Coffer & Conley, PLLC, told NBC.datelineIn an episode that aired Friday evening. “Caitlin Armstrong is not guilty, and if the case goes to trial — if the district attorney doesn’t dismiss it before trial — she’ll be found not guilty.”


Armstrong, 34, led a US marshal for 43 days after the shooting death of 25-year-old professional gravel cyclist Moria Wilson, when he allegedly left the country with a passport that did not belong to him. Authorities found him in Costa Rica in June and detained him on immigration charges.

The arrested fugitive is accused of shooting Wilson after the 25-year-old spent a night with Colin Strickland, Armstrong’s boyfriend of 35 years and a pro cyclist. According to a police affidavit, the two had a romantic history, which angered the suspected killer.

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Fugitive Caitlin Armstrong: Timeline of Austin murder suspect’s disappearance and capture

“Within the first 24 hours of this case the crux of the law enforcement theory—they had decided that Caitlin Armstrong was a mad, jealous man who, in a fit of rage, murdered Miss Wilson,” Kofer told “Dateline.” “The whole case against Kate Armstrong is based on a deep misconception about her.”

Caitlin Armstrong: Texas fugitive used surname until Costa Rica police detained her over immigration charges

On the night of Wilson’s death, May 11, a black SUV with a large bike rack is seen driving near the Maple Avenue home where Wilson was staying on security camera footage obtained by police – with Wilson’s Strickland A minute after exiting.

Later that evening, Austin police answered a 911 call from the residence. The caller, Wilson’s friend, said that Wilson was “bleeding and unconscious” at that location.

Police found the 25-year-old woman suffering from “multiple gunshot wounds” upon arrival and determined that she had been shot inside the residence.

The next day, when Marshall arrived at the Strickland address where Armstrong was staying, he saw a 2012 black Jeep Cherokee with a large bike rack “that appears to be the same vehicle seen in surveillance footage” from May 11. Strickland told police the vehicle. belonged to Armstrong. The affidavit said officers also found two 9mm guns in Strickland’s home.

Caitlin Armstrong: Austin Love Triangle murder suspect manhunt intensifies as marshals get dozens of tips

Police say Armstrong sold his Jeep through a CarMax dealership for $12,200 before fleeing the country.

“So, this dark SUV – that’s where the detective really wants to start hanging this horrific crime on Caitlin Armstrong. No evidence of a license plate on this vehicle has ever been presented, the occupants of the vehicle.” of any details,” Coffer said in the interview. “You can’t be in two places at once. It’s some simple math.”

Jeep for sale near Austin, Texas, home of the captured murder, Caitlin Armstrong, 34.

Coffer, who is currently under a gag order and cannot speak with Fox News Digital, said he “didn’t have to prove” that Armstrong was not at the crime scene because he believed his client was innocent. Is.

Coffer’s biography on his website states that the lawyer fixes “legal problems for good people”.

“I always say that all my clients are innocent. And it’s true,” his biography states. “Every person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. That’s where I come in, doing everything I can to prevent conviction.”

Armstrong is facing first class murder Charging from Harris County, Texas.